Understanding the Billing Statement

Printable student billing statements are available on the TMS/Nelnet – Student Account Center. Select the “Statements” tab to view a listing of available statements.

The billing statement is generated the first week of each month for all students with a balance due.  An email announcing that the statement is ready is sent to each student and their invited participants.

Balance Due

  • A “CR” next to account balance or an account balance in parenthesis means that it is a credit balance. Do not pay a credit balance.

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid that is in the pending aid section of your statement means that Allegheny has not received the payment. It will reflect at the top of the statement after we receive payment.
  • Financial aid can also be listed in the pending aid section of your statement if we have not received the funds.

Balance Forward

  • Contains the balance from the previous month.  You can view that activity on an earlier statement or by selecting the “Account Activity” tab on the Student Account Center.

Late Payments

  • Monthly finance charges of 1.25% are added to past due balances.