Understanding the Billing Statement

Printable student billing statements are available on the Student’s Self Service account.  How a Student Accesses a Billing Statement in Self Service.

Student account balances are available in real time and Students, Parents and Authorized Parties do not have to wait for a Billing Statement to make a payment on their account.  Fall charges are finalized the first week of July for upperclassmen and Spring charges are finalized the first week of December.  Billing charges are updated and available in real time.  Students and Authorized Parties will receive reminder emails prior to start of a term and throughout a term if a balance remains due on the account.

Balance Due

  • The total balance due will appear on your first page of your statement.  This can appear as a credit prior to charges being applied or do to overpayment.  If you have a credit on your account, it may appear in parenthesis ($0.00) or have (-) next to the total.  You do not have to pay a credit balance.

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid that appears in the Anticipated Aid section of your statement has not been received by Allegheny College or has not yet posted to your billing statement.  Once the aid is posted, it appears in the Disbursed column on your statement.

Balance Forward

  • If you have a Balance Forward, these are charges that remained unpaid or credits left on the account at the end of the previous term.  For incoming First Year Students this would be the deposit paid to be accepted to Allegheny College.

Late Payments

  • Monthly finance charges of 1.25% are added to past due balances.
  • Charges added after the July 31st due date for Fall and after the December 31st due date for Spring will be due by the end of the next full month.  For example a student adds a $200 parking pass on August 15th.  The $200 balance will be due in full by September 30th.