Student Employment

Employment Procedures At-A-Glance

To Apply For A Job

  • Complete a job application and submit it to the supervisor of the job.
  • Follow up with the supervisor about any additional applications required and to arrange an interview.
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Submitting Required Paperwork

If you have never been paid by the college, you must complete the payroll forms and Confidentiality Agreement.

Because we must see your original forms of ID in person to complete your paperwork, you must make an appointment during the Student Employment sessions on Move-In Days (August 18th, 19th, 23rd). You can find the list of available appointments below either at the Gator Quad Tent in front of the Campus Campus or the Murray Lawn Tent below the Campus Center. Appointment Slots

Please bring the following with you:

  •  A pen
  • The completed and signed paperwork (I-9, W-4, Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form, Medical Treatment Form, Workers’ Compensation Information, Local Services Tax-Exemption Certificate, Direct Payroll Deposit – optional)
  • One of the options for original forms of ID:
    • A) Passport
    • B) Driver’s License and Birth Certificate
    • C) Driver’s License and Social Security Card
    • D) Allegheny student ID and Social Security Card
    • E) Allegheny student ID and Birth Certificate

***Copies of ID cannot be accepted, you must present originals***

Please only sign up for an appointment if you have the completed paperwork along with the appropriate forms of ID.
If you have any questions, please contact ahead of time to limit the amount of time at the appointment.
Payroll Forms & Agreements

After You Are Hired

Once you complete the mandatory payroll forms, we will email you a Student Employment Form.

  • Print out the email
  • Sign the bottom of the form
  • Contact your supervisor for his/her Supervisor’s Student Employment Form
  • Attach the two forms and turn them into the Financial Aid Office

Review the Student Employment Manual

These forms MUST be submitted before you start working. If they are not, there will not be an electronic time-sheet available for you on which to enter hours.

A Student Employment Form is required for EVERY job and must be completed EVERY academic year.

If you are working over Summer or Winter Breaks, you will need to complete separate Student Employment Forms.

In Case of Injury

All work-related accidents, including minor ones, must be reported immediately to the supervisor and to the Office of Human Resources. An Accident report form, the Employee Injury Report form, must also be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources within 24 hours of the occurrence, even though there is no loss of time or medical attention. Failure to report a work-related injury in a timely fashion may jeopardize eligibility for payment of benefits for medical bills or lost time.

Entering Your Time Sheet

Time sheet will be viewable only if all HR forms have been processed.

Student employees and their supervisors will now use Employee Self-Service to enter and approve time cards. One significant change is the need to enter time on a daily basis.

Students can access ESS by going to their WebAdvisor and selecting “Self-Service Student Employment Menu”.

You can find the step by step instructions to access timesheets here.