Required Forms

Applying for Jobs

If you would like the opportunity to have a job on campus, please review the Job Database and complete the job application below.  Once you have completed the job application, please submit it directly to the supervisor(s) of which you wish to work.

Submitting Required Paperwork

If you have never been paid by the college, you must complete the payroll forms and Confidentiality Agreement.

Because we must see your original forms of ID in person to complete your paperwork, you must make an appointment with our office by emailing or

Please bring the following with you:

  •  A pen
  • The completed and signed paperwork (I-9, W-4, Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form, Medical Treatment Form, Workers’ Compensation Information, Local Services Tax-Exemption Certificate, Direct Payroll Deposit – optional)
  • One of the options for original forms of ID:
    • A) Passport
    • B) Driver’s License and Birth Certificate
    • C) Driver’s License and Social Security Card
    • D) Allegheny student ID and Social Security Card
    • E) Allegheny student ID and Birth Certificate

***Copies of ID cannot be accepted, you must present originals***

Please only sign up for an appointment if you have the completed paperwork along with the appropriate forms of ID.
If you have any questions, please contact ahead of time to limit the amount of time at the appointment.

Additional Supervisor Documents

Required Employment Forms

The following required student forms MUST be completed before a student may begin working:

  • Two Financial Aid Forms– Complete and submit to the Financial Aid Office on the second floor of the 454 House:
    1. Confidentiality Agreement (Found in Human Resources Packet)
    2. Student Employment Form:  This is a two page form that must be completed by the student and their supervisor.  The Student section of the Student Employment Form will be emailed to any student who has completed their Human Resources paperwork.  We strongly encourage students to keep their email as a new form must be completed for every job each academic year, and a separate form must be completed for winter and summer break employment.  Supervisors that have completed the FA Job Posting Database form will have also been emailed the Supervisor section of the Student Employment Form.
  • Payroll Forms – Complete and submit to the Financial Aid Office. The Human Resources Paperwork can be found here.
    (Note: all of these forms, except the Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate, are only required to be completed once while the student is enrolled at Allegheny College unless there are changes to the information listed on the forms):

    1. I-9
    2. W-4
    3. Medical Treatment Form
    4. The Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate is valid for one calendar year.  Typically, anyone who works in the City of Meadville pays a Local Services Tax of $52 per year.  However, students who are expecting to earn less than $12,000 for the calendar year may complete and submit this Exemption Certificate so that the $52 Local Services Tax will not be taken from their wages.  Students choosing to complete the form would complete a new form each year before receiving their first paycheck in the new calendar year.
    5. Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form
    6. Worker’s Compensation
    7. The Authorization for Direct Payroll Deposit is an option for students who wish to have their wages directly deposited into their bank account.  If you choose to complete this form, submit it with a voided check to the Human Resources Office.  If you do not complete this form, your paycheck will be placed in your campus box each month.
  • Worker’s Compensation Panel of Providers