Francisco Navarro-Sanchez

Francisco Navarro-Sanchez
Visiting Professor of Economics, Francisco Navarro-Sanchez

Visiting Professor of Economics

Allegheny College, Quigley Hall 209

I am a visiting professor teaching Intro to Microeconomics and Intro to Finance.

My primary research area is empirical corporate finance, with an emphasis on corporate governance on topics that include board of directors and executive compensation. I have also worked on taxes and legislation, for example, studying the effect of taxes on inequality, and at which level public policy should be implemented.

I am a huge sports fan, but I am terrible at them! I like hiking, traveling and some sorts of indoor hobbies too.

Degrees:  B.A., Universidad de Salamanca, 2009; M.Sc., Universidad Complutense, 2013; Ph.D., University of Utah, 2022.

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