Department Information

Integrative Informatics

Professors Bonham-Carter, A. Finaret (Program Coordinator), Jumadinova, Luman, Rich, Wilson, and Yochim

The Integrative Informatics (INFM) major provides students with an interdisciplinary foundation in information systems, including both their applications and critical implications. Students also have opportunities to experiment with and apply these knowledges in a variety of situations and contexts.

Integrative Informatics Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with an Integrative Informatics major will be able to:

  • Approach a range of phenomena using computational methods.
  • Understand, analyze, and develop information systems from multiple perspectives, including both technological and humanistic perspectives.
  • Articulate the implications of computational structures and information systems in specific social, cultural, and political contexts.
  • Effectively communicate information system concepts orally and in writing to both technical and non-technical audiences.

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