What to Expect

After enrolling in the program, associates begin to accrue credits toward certification by documenting and reflecting on those experiences in a portfolio. Credit-bearing experiences include pre-approved courses, programming offered by the Center for Political Participation and related departments on campus, approved study-away programs, independent research (including Senior Projects), Law & Policy-approved internships, and interaction with the pre-professional offices and fellowship advising. It is the responsibility of the student, in collaboration with CPP peer advisors, to document progression toward certification through the development of a reflective portfolio.

Completion of the Program

Points toward the certificate will be awarded based on the completion of pre-approved opportunities, both on and off campus. Students will track their experiences throughout their collegiate career and complete reflective entries in a portfolio designed to track their progress in the program.

Each student will engage in a unique combination of experiences that reflect his or her interests. For example, complete portfolios would include such items as:

  • Personal statements for law school, competitive fellowships, and/or grad school applications
  • Awards
  • Reflection papers on workshops
  • Independent research
  • Study away or experiential learning seminars
  • Civic engagement courses and programs
  • Coursework
  • Senior projects
  • Other items that reflect their developing interests in law and policy

Completed portfolios would be submitted in March or early April of their senior year to a review committee (CPP staff, pre-law advisor, departmental representatives). At that point, an exit interview is scheduled, the portfolio is evaluated, and certification is granted.