Services Provided

Services Provided

The Physical Plant Department provides many services to the college community. Listed below are some of the services that we offer:

  • Plumbing fixture repair/replacement
  • Door and window repair/replacement
  • Electrical fixture repair/replacement
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Floor tile replacement
  • Furniture repair
  • Building temperature control and adjustment
  • Lock repair/replacement
  • Key requisition and cutting
  • Drain cleaning
  • Roof repair
  • Outdoor lighting maintenance
  • Lighting fixture – ballast replacement
  • Kitchen equipment maintenance
  • Radiator maintenance
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Preventative maintenance – building equipment
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping services – pruning and planting
  • Sidewalk maintenance and construction
  • Athletic fields – maintenance
  • Pest control (outside contractor)
  • Elevator maintenance (outside contractor)
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Support for special college events and set-ups
  • Trucking and on-campus deliveries
  • Office moves
  • Residence hall furniture moving
  • Mechanical services – college owned vehicles
  • On-campus use of tables, chairs
  • Furniture requests
  • Campus tree maps
  • Residence Hall Laundry (outside contractor)
  • Vending Machine Repair (outside contractor)
  • Deliveries of packages weighing more the 25lbs
  • Changing of lightbulbs

Services Not Provided:

  • Housekeeping – St. Moritz Building Services – ext. 4362
    • All interior cleaning
    • Exterior cleaning and snow removal – up to 10 feet from building
    • Window cleaning
    • Recycling
    • Trash removal
    • Water clean-up from flooding
  • Computer and data jack repair – Computing Services – ext. 2755
  • TV Cable repair – Computing Services – ext. 2755
  • Fire Safety – Security – ext. 3357
  • Residence Hall room modifications – Residence Life – ext. 3865
  • Audio-Visual equipment – A-V Department – ext. 4784
  • Robertson picnic shelter reservations – Athletics – ext. 2811
  • Summer use of picnic Shelter should go through Conference and Events at ext 3101
  • Door unlocking
    • Academic/Administrative buildings – Security – ext. 3357
    • Residence Halls – Residence Life staff – various phone numbers

Work Order Requests

The Physical Plant uses a computerized work order system, Schooldude, which was installed in January of 2012 and replaced our previous software system. This system can track work orders in several ways (building, room, date of submittal, trade, etc.) and also keep track of hours, inventory and equipment. All Allegheny employees have access to Schooldude as do RA’s. If you are having an issue, please enter a work order and we will respond to it as soon as possible.

Students: If you are having any issues please let your RA know so they can submit a work order for you.

There are several ways to request work but the preferred method, for all non-emergencies, is through the on-line work order form. Of course, all legitimate emergency work requests can be called in to the Physical Plant Office (332-5378) during normal office hours (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or by calling the Security Department (332-3357) at any other time. The Physical Plant Office staff is always willing to discuss your work order needs or special requests when questions arise which cannot be answered through the other methods.

Types of Work Order Requests and Procedures:

  • Emergency Work Order Requests: These are the type that require immediate action in order to continue functions. When these requests are called in to the Physical Plant Office, the staff will attempt to have someone respond as soon as possible. When Security is notified after office hours, Physical Plant staff will be called in from off campus. Corrections will be made within 24 hours unless there is a problem with parts or supplies availability. Some examples of emergency requests include losing power in an area, a drain clogging causing a flood, a boiler failing during the heating season, key broken in door lock,  toilets over-flowing, etc.
  • Urgent Work Order Requests: These are less important than emergency type, but higher priority than routine. The staff will again have someone respond as soon as possible who will repair or, at least, temporarily alleviate the problem. Permanent repairs will be completed within a few days.
  • Routine Work Requests: These types are everyday maintenance requests that are usually completed on a first in, first out basis. Delivery requests, leaking faucets, lighting ballast replacements, and furniture repairs are some examples.
  • Project Work Requests: These are usually minor renovation or new construction, as opposed to maintenance, and generally require numerous man-hours to complete. They are usually scheduled during breaks in the academic calendar and depend on the availability of manpower and funding. These requests often require the requester to have the funding needed to complete them, due to Physical Plant budget constraints.
  • Events Set-Up Requests: Work orders should be done for all set-ups. Please attach a diagram of the set-up when possible. Event set-ups require a minimum of 48 hours notice. Please also indicate when the event can be taken down.

Submit Work Order Request

How to submit a work order in Schooldude 08-21-20

Facility Access Guidelines  (formerly Key Requisition Guidelines)

Access (Card and Key) is a major source of security to the college community; therefore, the responsibility of it should be taken seriously. The Physical Plant is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all locks, locking devices and the cutting of keys for campus. Keys for academic, administrative, residence halls, and athletic areas  are issued by the Physical Plant Locksmith, through the  Allegheny College Facility Access Request FormKeys are the responsibility of the person to whom they are issued. They are not to be loaned or transferred to another person. No college keys should be duplicated by anyone other than authorized Physical Plant staff. Please note that our Locksmith is often attending to various maintenance needs, limiting our ability to provide keys at random times without notice. For this reason, please plan ahead. Keys can only be picked up by the person to whom they are being issued. YOU MUST SIGN FOR YOUR KEYS. 

The following steps should be taken when keys are requested by employees:

  • Seek department approval to determine when keys are needed.
  • Department Chair/Director must submit an on-line Allegheny College Facility Access Request Form on behalf of the employee needing the key. 
  • When the key is cut, the requesting department will be notified. The key will be distributed with a completed Allegheny College Facility Access form to be signed at public safety. The Individual receiving the key must appear in person with a valid ID to sign for their key.  Keys will only be released directly to the individual.
  • The Locksmith will maintain a master list of all traditional key assignments, will  retain all completed Allegheny College Facility Access Request Forms, and will ensure that the appropriate data files (Ellucian and HPC KeyTrail) are updated as changes occur. 
  • When an employee is separated from employment with the college, the employee needs to turn in their keys at their final interview with Human Resources.
  • As an employee, it is your responsibility to notify Physical Plant of any changes in key status (changes in office, location, department, etc.) through the Allegheny College Facility Access Request Form and to return any keys no longer needed to the Physical Plant or Public Safety.

Facility Access Request Form (formerly Key Requisition Request form)

For more information on the key policy visit:  View Facility Access Control Policy (Exterior and Interior Access)