Business Economics

Business Economics is the field that has emerged at the intersection between traditional economics and business. It involves new understandings of how organizations succeed within their competitive environments and the roles managers play in fostering success.

This track is an especially appropriate preparation for a career in management or related fields (e.g., law, public policy, or entrepreneurship) or for graduate education in these areas. Through case studies, internships, and interactions with practicing managers, students learn how economic theory and quantitative methods can be used to solve managerial and business problems.

The Business Economics curriculum introduces students to the problems and possibilities of business decision making in the historical, institutional, and global contexts in which managers work. This higher level capability, not just specific skills for different parts of the corporate structure, is what top managers say they value most and what our liberal arts approach can best provide.

Students learn to apply the tools of finance, accounting, statistics, and technology management to the complexities and ambiguities of real strategic management problems.

The following is an abbreviated list of Business Economics classes students may choose from:

Econ 240 – Business Economics
Econ 440 – Adv. Business Economics
Econ 280 – Entrepreneurship 1
Econ 380 – Entrepreneurship 11
Econ 202 – Economic Statistics 1
Econ 203 – Economic Statistics 11
Econ 010 – Financial Literacy
Econ 011 – Business Literacy
Econ 251 – International Business
Econ 226 – Money & Financial Institutions
Econ 227 – Introduction to Finance
Econ 452 – Theory of Trade
Econ 285 – Financial Accounting
Econ 286 – Managerial Accounting
Econ 385 – Intermediate Accounting
Econ 386 – Cost Accounting
Econ 426 – Monetary Economics
Econ 427 – Theory of Finance
Econ 234 – Human Resource Management
Econ 519 – The  Employment Relationship
Econ 448 – Organizations & Contract
Econ 588 – Topics in Business Economics

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