Global Citizen Scholars


The Global Citizen Scholars program for fall 2019 is full! 

The Global Citizen Scholars – Class of 2019 (above)

The Global Citizen Scholars Program seeks highly curious, motivated, and engaged students from broad and diverse backgrounds to join its newest cohort. The 2018 entering cohort includes students from different regions of the United States, as well as students from Egypt, the Philippines, Sudan, Nepal, Japan, Mongolia, and Indonesia.

The three-year program will provide up to 20 students with unique learning opportunities in three areas — civic engagement, global learning, and U.S. diversity. It integrates work in these three areas as its basis, combining coursework with a range of high-impact experiences and intensive advising. These areas combine very powerfully to inform a global and committed citizenry who can think outside the box, as it encourages students to engage in diverse communities and cultures — not as passive observers, but as mindful participants — and asks students to make sense of their itinerary along the way.

As a part of this leadership program, every student commits to civic engagement, diversity initiatives and study abroad. Each cohort works through the lens of a relevant  global theme and/or world region. Over the course of the program, Global Citizen Scholars acquire the skills and competencies to make sensible and sensitive decisions with contextual understanding, and to collaborate and produce results both individually and as a group.

Program Benefits:

  • Work with close-knit group of like-minded students.
  • Benefit from close advising and guidance of instructors.
  • Develop leadership, presentation, and communication skills.
  • All expenses paid toward group retreats, domestic immersion weekend, diversity, or social justice conference.
  • Up to $2,000 toward abroad experience(s).

Program Features:

  • Fall semester topic-appropriate First-Year Seminar.
  • Two-credit GCS course beginning the spring of the first year.
  • One year of civic engagement in the Meadville community.
  • A national diversity or social justice conference.
  • Two semesters of language study at Allegheny
  • An abroad experience.


Applicants to Allegheny College who are interested in pursuing a pre-college gap year are encouraged to consider the following opportunity with Global Citizen Year.

For more information on the Global Citizen Scholars Program, contact:

Dave Roncolato

Director of Civic Engagement, Director of the Global Citizen Scholars program, Professor of Community and Justice Studies

Laura Reeck

Professor of French, International Studies Chair