Bonner Service Leader Program


The Bonner Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded by Corella and Bertram F. Bonner, the original purpose of the Foundation was to help those who, like Mr. and Mrs. Bonner, came from underprivileged backgrounds. Essentially, the Foundation aimed to provide access to education. In 1989, the Foundation began working with colleges and universities, seeking a way both to provide scholarships to students who could not otherwise afford to attend college, and to catalyze students and institutions of higher education to participate in community service in their own communities. What started with a small number of endowments at schools along the Appalachian Trail, has now grown to a national movement of roughly 3,000 students at over 80 schools working to improve their communities through service, service learning, and gain an understanding of what it truly means to be an engaged citizen.

From the Bonner Foundation

Bonners are placed with one community non-profit agency and work with them 8-10 hours each week through the academic year and for one 300 hour “here” summer commitment, followed by a second summer commitment at an “away” domestic or international non-profit. The Bonner Program partners with approximately 20 different  local community agencies working with issues such as hunger, education, literacy, health, youth enrichment, sustainability and community empowerment.