Allegheny Bonner Service Leader Program

The Allegheny Bonner Program, started in 1998, is a unique program that merges leadership, education, and service to transform the lives of students as well as their campuses and local communities. Allegheny College is 1 of 75 schools that have the Bonner Program.

Currently, there are about 45 students in the Allegheny Bonner Program. This year, we will recruit an incoming class of 16 students, 8 Bonner Leaders and 8 Bonner Scholars.

What is an Allegheny Bonner?

Allegheny Bonner Service Leaders are:

  • Committed to working alongside the Meadville community
  • Dedicated to personal growth and social justice
  • Enthusiastic about cultivating community
  • Work to implement systems of compassion
  • Change-makers

Allegheny Bonner Scholars (8 per yearly class) receive:

  • A combination of grants, scholarships, and loans to meet total documented need based on the FAFSA
  • Federal work study or campus employment for Bonner Hours

Allegheny Bonner Leaders (8 per yearly class) receive:

  • Federal work study or campus employment for Bonner Hours

As an Allegheny Bonner, you will commit to…

  • New Bonner Orientation (In addition to regular First Year Allegheny Orientation)
  • 8-10 hours per week working with a local community organization¬†
  • Leadership development, community building and social justice training throughout the academic year
  • Bonner Fall and Spring Semester Retreats
  • First Year Students Service Trip
  • Two Paid Summers of Service Internships
  • Sophomore Exchange (Day-long or Overnight Immersive Exchange with another Bonner college/university)
  • Senior Capstone Bonner Project
  • Senior Presentation of Learning
  • Check-Ins at Least Once Per Semester with the Bonner Coordinator or Director

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