The CBE Fellows Inspire Students to Ace Their Next Interview

The CBE Fellows Inspire Students to Master the Art of the Ace Interview
CBE Fellows from left: Morgan Douglas ’23, Noah Tart ’22, Megan Dennis ’23, Maya Ginter-Frankovitch ’22, Kaylin Tang ’22, Arigun Bayaraa ’22

The CBE Fellows created their second event of the academic year in March, organizing an informational and interactive workshop to enable students to learn how to prepare for, and ace their next interview for a job or internship.  According to the Fellows, “interviews can be intimidating. If you aren’t sure about the kinds of questions people will ask or how to prepare, we can help!”

Quigley auditorium was filled with students on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to listen to the Fellow’s informative and sometimes humorous presentation of the dos and don’ts of interviewing.

The Fellows created an engaging interviewing experience for fellow students, beginning with an informative slide presentation presented by Maya Ginter-Frankovitch ‘22 and Kaylin Tang ‘22. Arigun Bayaraa ‘22 demonstrated how to find opportunities and resources on the Allegheny Handshake website, with a special invitation for students to take advantage of the Career Education’s interviewing rooms in Pelletier Library.

The CBE Fellows Inspire Students to Master the Art of the Ace Interview
Morgan Douglas demonstrates how not to dress and what not to say, while Noah Tart illustrates a successful interview. Megan Dennis plays the role of interviewer.

To illustrate the points in their presentation, the Fellows did a humorous demonstration with Noah Tart ‘22 as the “good” interview, and Morgan Douglas ‘23 as the “bad” interview. Megan Dennis ‘23 was the interviewer, doing a great job as “the boss.”

CBE Fellow Kaylin Tang commented, “We split the 40 students into pairs in all the Quigley rooms and had them practice answering questions. I heard a lot of good answers. We then brought them all back for a Q&A at the end, and passed out interviewing survival kits as prizes!”

Director of Career Education, Jim Fitch commented, “Congratulations on a well-developed and presented Interviewing Workshop on Sunday!  It has been such a pleasure to read about how you engaged students and demonstrated real-time examples of how to ‘Ace’ an interview.  Thank you for the investment of time, energy, planning, and resources that you made and for the valuable gift that you presented to the community.”

The CBE Fellows Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics would like to thank Jim Fitch and the Career Education team for their guidance and support for the Fellows as they conducted the research for this important event.  The CBE Fellows are a select group of motivated students that function as a leadership team to support CBE programming and act as student ambassadors. Activities are structured to enable students to include this position on their respective resumes as a valuable work experience.  To qualify for this position, students must have a keen interest in both business and economics, maintain a good academic standing, and regularly attend all CBE activities.