Textbook FAQ

How do I order my textbooks?

Merriman Bookstore has partnered with MBS Direct, a nationwide vendor for online textbook rental and purchases, beginning with the Fall 2017 semester! Go to allegheny.edu/buybooks to get started. Simply order all of your textbooks online and have them shipped to the College’s Post Office or another address. The Merriman Bookstore will not stock textbooks anymore. All textbooks must be ordered online.

How do I get my course packs?

Course packs will continue to be sold through the Merriman Bookstore. Just come in through our regular entrance on Main Street in the Campus Center (not the third-floor window used in prior years) and ask the cashier if you don’t see the course packs.

Course packs will not be available online. However, they will be listed (along with books being used) if your faculty member has ordered one. When you see a price for the course pack, that means it’s available for purchase at the cash register.

Visit the MBS Direct Help Center for more FAQs.