Career Education

Class of 2015: where are they now?

Graduates of Allegheny College who completed a bachelor’s degree in the 2014-2015 academic year were polled at commencement and six to eight months after completion to determine their post graduation plans.

77.9% Response rate:

  • Untitled 54.5% Employed
  • Untitled 29% Graduate or Professional Studies
  • Untitled 9.5% Compensated Service
  • Untitled 5% Seeking Employment
  • Untitled 2% Other

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Gator Connect is the new Job & Internship Database and Online Community that replaces the ACCEL Job Database and Gator Locator. By connecting the job database to an alumni community, we hope to make both resources more valuable for everyone to use. Visit the site to log in or activate your account and to view the user guide.

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Mission Statement

Career Education, as a component of the Allegheny Gateway, is committed to facilitating student success by connecting students and alumni with resources that support career and life planning. Career Educators network with various partners, both on and off campus, to develop internships, and job shadowing opportunities, educational programs, and employment leads to help students attain their personal and professional goals.