Career Education

Allegheny College graduates historically enter the workforce with jobs at graduation at rates that are significantly higher than the national average, with early and mid-career earnings that place Allegheny in the top 20% of colleges and universities in the nation.

Those who question the value of the liberal arts, fearing that they do not provide students with job skills, should take heart. The hallmarks of a liberal arts education — critical and analytical thinking, adapting to change, lifelong learning, communicating clearly and persuasively in speaking and writing, to name just four — are necessary to the existence of a successful society, including the workforce.

Recent Graduates: Where Are They Now?

Graduates of Allegheny College who completed a bachelor’s degree were polled at commencement and six to eight months after completion to determine their post graduation plans.

Untitled 60% Begin their careers

Top Industries:
Education and Training • Marketing, Sales, and Service • Finance • Human Services • Health Science, Health Care • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Untitled 30% Go directly to graduate or professional school

80–100% acceptance rate:
Twice the national average — including medical and law schools

Untitled 10% Continue on to competitive, compensated service organizations, including Peace Corps & Teach for America

Information aggregated from First Destination Surveys, Classes of 2014–2017.

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Mission Statement

Career Education, as a component of the Allegheny Gateway, is committed to facilitating student success by connecting students and alumni with resources that support career and life planning. Career Educators network with various partners, both on and off campus, to develop internships, and job shadowing opportunities, educational programs, and employment leads to help students attain their personal and professional goals.