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Career Education is committed to facilitating student success by connecting students and alumni with resources that support career and life planning. Career Educators network with various partners, both on and off campus, to develop internships, and job shadowing opportunities, educational programs, and employment leads to help students attain their personal and professional goals.

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Handshake – Career Community

Allegheny College has partnered with the Handshake career community to provide students and recent graduates with access to job and internship opportunities from more than 400,000 employers.

The platform includes postings from a broad array of organizations — ranging from every Fortune 500 company to thousands of small businesses, nonprofits, startups and more.

Through the Handshake platform, students and recent graduates can search for postings, build a profile and receive recommendations for positions that match their interests and skills. In addition, they can apply for positions through Handshake, which can be accessed through its website and its apps for iOS and Android.

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