Senior Research

Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, seniors design their project, conduct research,and present drafts, all leading to the completion of a significant piece of original work. The final step in the comp process is to defend one’s project in front of an affiliated faculty panel. Seniors also present their results at the department’s annual Senior Project Symposium.

This comprehensive project demonstrates to employers and graduate schools the ability to complete a major assignment, to work independently and creatively, to analyze and synthesize information, and to write and speak persuasively.

The senior comp in COMJ may take a variety of forms. Community Based inquiry is a common approach that often involves the development, in partnership with community,of a sustainable initiative or project. For example, a recent senior comp investigated the feasibility of and oversaw the implementation of a Time Trade initiative in Meadville. Other senior comps may investigate an important social question through a theoretical or philosophical framework.


Senior Projects

Delaney Rohan ’17
“Reimaging Civic Engagement:  An Analysis of Civic Engagement Culture at Allegheny College through the Lens of Student Voice”

Samantha Shongedzai Samakande ’17
“Towards a New Imaginary of Belonging and Resistance”

Will Taylor ’17
“There’s a U in Student: Service Politics, Student Autonomy, and the Anti-Apartheid Student Movement at Allegheny College.”

Karon Forde ’12
 “Intersectionality and the Construction of Racial Identity in African American Youth”

Alicia Foster ’16

“Adulthood without Childhood: Discourses Surrounding and Impacting Youth Aging Out of Foster Care”

Paige Missel ’14
“Implementing Time Trade in Meadville: Best Practices and Process”

Emma Dosch ’13
“Building a Hoophouse with Creating Landscapes for Families”


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