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Allegheny’s Business major is designed to help students gain a deep knowledge of the managerial and business concepts typically used by the business and non-profit world. The program also focuses on the tools, skills, and competencies needed to solve practical problems faced by organizations.

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Why Economics?

Economics, a social science, studies the production, distribution, and consumption of products and services. The scarcity of human, natural, and other material resources requires that these activities be well directed to enhance the general welfare of the global population. In the process of learning how human societies could accomplish such goals, economics has come to include a core of widely accepted general theory, techniques for using data to test hypotheses and draw inferences, and skills that are often refined by experience in the application of theory to particular problems. Like many related disciplines in a liberal arts curriculum, Economics emphasizes oral, written, and quantitative methods in courses and seminars.

The Department of Economics offers students a program that requires a balance of theory and application in its curriculum. The offerings are a combination of theory courses, quantitative work, and a number of field courses that are also accessible to non-majors and minors. It is a program designed to provide a liberal educational foundation for citizen and voter, for advanced study in Economics, or other professions, and careers such as international affairs, law, business, finance, education and public policy.

Major and Minor Programs


Foundation courses build a base of theoretical knowledge and quantitative skills. Elective courses allow students to apply theories to study economic and financial phenomena. The Senior Project integrates knowledge and skills acquired in all previous courses.

Majors must complete at least 48 semester hours in economics. Double majors and self-designed majors are encouraged.


Completion of at least 24 semester hours.

Track in Business Economics

Designed for those planning management careers, business economics applies the sophisticated tools of economics and quantitative analysis to business decision-making.

Students electing this track focus their economics major with coursework in accounting, introductory and advanced business economics, statistics for business economics, and electives such as corporate finance, environmental & resource management and the economics of entrepreneurship.