CBE Fellows Help Classmates Navigate Their Allegheny Journey

2018 CBE Fellows Student Panel
CBE Fellows participating on the October 23 Gator Day Panel – Carlos Sanchez ’20, Trevor Day ’20, Jack Goodman ’19, Troy Elphinstone ’19, Emma Black ’20

Four years seems like a long time when you are in high school, but during the 2018 Gator Day student panel, the CBE Fellows assured underclassmen that the 4 years flies by too fast. The Fellows shared these tips for a satisfying college career and how to successfully land your ideal internship and first job after graduation:

Start early and make an appointment with the Career Education team, let them know your interests and help you to put a polish on your resume and interviewing skills.  When they get to know you, they will send opportunities your way. 

Get involved on campus early and take a leadership role, don’t sit on the sidelines.  Employers look for candidates with leadership and communication skills who work well in teams.

Network with other students, alumni, your professors and Career Education, let them know your interests and ask for their advice.  Where?  Attend CBE events, sign up for  This Week in ECON newsletter, have a LinkedIn profile, attend Alumni events, Career Education’s information sessions. career fairs and use Gator Connect.

Take a lot of different classes to discover your interests, learning what you do not like is just as important as what you do like.  Grades are very important, but don’t obsess about them; in your interview, emphasize experience over grades.  All jobs are good to mention, even if they don’t seem important to you, your interviewer will be very interested in what you learned from the experience.

The Study Abroad option here at Allegheny is an unforgettable experience. If you know you are going to study abroad, start saving your money early because chances are the cost of living in another country will be much higher than they are here in Meadville. Everyone should consider a study abroad or EL experience.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help, that’s the key to success.

Don’t let rejection defeat you, use it as motivation to keep trying.  Set a goal to apply for at least two internships a day, and let Career Education know what you’re doing so they can help.

Be proud of Allegheny College and your accomplishments here.  Your education will prepare you for anything that comes your way and you will learn that the Allegheny education has a highly regarded reputation everywhere you go.