Mapping Out a Business & Economics Experience and Becoming a Great Business Leader

Patrick Colletti, leadership and corporate culture expert, champion for “refounders” and author of the book “Refounder: How Transformational Leaders Take What’s Broken and Make It Better” presented his vision for student success during the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics Lecture Series on December 2. During his visit he shared stories from his two decades as President of Net Health and of the remarkable leaders who took struggling enterprises and made them better.  He gave students tips on how they too can become a “refounder,” and provide the leadership to make any organization better – better for employees, better for customers and better for the community.

Patrick Colletti is a leadership and organizational culture expert, business growth advisor, champion for “refounders” and author of the book “Refounder.” He draws on his experience as a technology executive, scaling new and existing ventures, and a passion for creating amazing cultures. His growth-oriented guidance challenges social and cultural norms, both in the workplace and in the community. Patrick is passionate about creating and empowering the next Refounders — generational leaders and entrepreneurs who revitalize the places where they live, work and play.

During the second half of our session, CBE Co-Director Chris Allison gave an overview of The Roadmap, a planning tool for mapping out a business and economics experience that will help lead you to that dream job or acceptance into your ideal graduate school. “The Roadmap enables you to squeeze every ounce out of your educational investment,” according to Allison.

The Roadmap is a discussion guide for students with interests in the broad fields of business and economics. The real world changes constantly, and new opportunities open up every day. We created this guide to help students to start the conversation about their future with their family, Allegheny faculty, staff and alumni along with all of the people they will encounter throughout their college journey. Download the latest version at, or stop by Beth Ryan’s office, Quigley #224, for your copy.

The Lunchtime Learning Speaker Series provides students with opportunities to gain valuable information on topics and industries related to internships and careers in business and economics.  Speakers often choose one of two broad areas to discuss with students. The first is career oriented, the second is issue oriented. Both topics enable students to navigate and explore job options, understand the steps necessary to pursue opportunities and learn how to self-advocate for opportunities in the workplace.