News from Allegheny’s Department of Business and Economics: Winter 2022

Please enjoy our Winter 2022  newsletter providing a summary of a wonderful set of in-person and virtual visitors to our department and campus during the fall semester, an introduction to our fantastic Fellows, and an overview of some student and faculty achievements. 

As always, I welcome your feedback and insights into our programming and hope to connect with you soon. You can contact me at

Tomas Nonnenmacher
Department Chair, Business & Economics

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At the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics, students may choose to pursue a major in economics or business  with each course of study applying the rigor of a strong background in economic theory with the added benefit of interdisciplinary course work that allows students to create a concentration that matches their personal interests. Like many related disciplines in a liberal arts curriculum, Business and Economics emphasizes oral, written, and quantitative methods in courses and seminars.

We offer students a program that requires a balance of theory and application in its curriculum. The offerings are a combination of theory courses, quantitative work, and a number of field courses that are also accessible to non-majors and minors. It is a program designed to provide a liberal educational foundation for citizen and voter, for postgraduate study and careers such as international affairs, law, business, banking and finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, education and public policy.