CBE Summer Experiences with Andrew Strobel ’24

Andrew Strobel '24, Richard (R.J.) Swanson '24 and John Fazio ‘20 at the Karnea conference for Delta Tau Delta
Andrew Strobel ’24 intern at First Bank of the lake), Richard (R.J.) Swanson ’24 (intern at Koppers, Inc.) and John Fazio ‘20 (will begin Duquesne Law School in the fall) at the Karnea conference for Delta Tau Delta in Norfolk

CBE Fellow Andrew Strobel ’24 is continuing his remote internship that began in January 2022 at the First Bank of the Lake.  The First Bank of the Lake provides a full range of deposit products and services, along with consumer, residential mortgage, and commercial lending. The Bank is also an SBA lender throughout the United States.

How is the summer going?  We asked Andrew…

How did you find your internship?

Andrew: “I was recommended from a senior who just graduated, Blake Gendron ’22, who was offered a full time position at their office in South Carolina.”

What are you doing during this experience?

Andrew: “I am learning about loan forgiveness and the processes of how small businesses receive aid from the SBA. I’m also learning about how to interact with borrowers on the custom service side and help answer their questions and get them the help they need.  It feels so great to help get a loan across the finish line fully forgiven that helped a business through the pandemic.”

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Andrew: “I would highly recommend this internship as the team and leadership supervising us is very supportive and helpful.”

Andrew is an Economics major and German minor, scheduled to graduate in 2024.  He is a student athlete returning to campus in August to play defense for the Allegheny College men’s soccer team.

Studying economics at Allegheny College teaches students how people respond to incentives in making choices, and how those choices affect outcomes at both the micro and macro scale. A microeconomist might study how a firm or a family chooses to finance a new piece of equipment or a home purchase. A macroeconomist might study how a change in interest rates affects economic growth, unemployment, or the balance of trade. While economists address topics often associated with the field, like banking and finance, the range of topics studied by economists is very broad, including sports, the environment, health, crime, discrimination, and business.