CBE Summer Experiences with Bill Ochieng ’24

CBE Summer Experiences with Bill Ochieng '24Bill Ochieng ’24  spent last summer as a Sales Intern at  Aflac Insurance. Aflac is a supplemental Insurance team that provides an additional layer of financial protection for employees and their families in the event of serious or accidental illness and injury. How did the summer go? We asked Bill

How did you find your summer internship experience?

Bill: I began the research process by looking for various internship positions online, which was a bit overwhelming. When I came upon Aflac, I found an internship within my desired field of work, filled out the application, and uploaded my resume. Throughout this process I used various job-searching platforms like LinkedIn, Gator2Gator, and Handshake. 

What were your duties? 

Bill: As a sales intern, I used my social and business networking skills to help CEO’s, business owners, and HR managers determine which insurance programs would best suit their employees. Sales, specifically Insurance, is a field I am interested in pursuing after college and feel as though Aflac provided the best opportunity for me to dig deeper into the world of Insurance, as well as gain direct insight into the inner workings of the company. 

Would you recommend this experience to other students?

Bill: I would absolutely recommend this experience to fellow students looking to pursue a career in Sales. The skills acquired through this kind of experience are immensely coveted, valuable and transferable to any company in any industry. Sales is an integral part of every business on this planet and the insights gained from real-world experiences are key, but if sales is not for you then I would recommend other endeavors. 

Bill is an Economics and Computer Science double major, scheduled to graduate in May 2024.  He serves the college as a Residence Advisor (RA)  and is the Media Manager for the Allegheny Chess Club.  His career goal is to advance to a position in Cyber Security applying his knowledge of Economics.

Economics has come to include a core of widely accepted general theory, techniques for using data to test hypotheses and draw inferences, and skills that are often refined by experience in the application of theory to particular problems. Economists apply those theories and techniques to topics often associated with the field, like banking and finance, but the range of topics studied by economists is very broad, including sports, the environment, health, crime, discrimination, and business. The science of computing extends far beyond hardware and software questions. Allegheny’s computer science majors understand the theories and concepts behind the technology, and there’s almost no limit to the ways in which this broad-based knowledge can be adapted.