Grants Administration

To keep track of institutional relationships with our funding sources, the Office of Foundation & Corporate Relations monitors grants carefully. This helps to ensure continued good relationships with our benefactors and often aids in developing future proposals.

All grant recipients should maintain detailed records showing how the grant is administered. Although financial records are maintained centrally by the College, you should keep track of any grant-related activities and purchases (for example, student research, including Senior Research Projects, papers presented and publications). In short, you should monitor whether what you said would happen as a result of the grant is indeed happening. If it isn’t, you need to address what is preventing you from achieving your proposal’s goals. All of this information is required in periodic reports to the funding source.

The primary follow-up responsibilities of the project director or principal investigator are to ensure that funds are appropriately spent, that planned evaluations are carried out, and that required reports are prepared and submitted on time. In most cases, the Office of Foundation & Corporate Relations will assist you with these responsibilities.

More information about the responsibilities of project directors and principal investigators is available in the College’s Policy for Management of Data Obtained from Extramurally Sponsored Research and in the Allegheny College Sponsored Research Grant Management Checklist.