Non-discrimination Policy and Equal Employment Opportunity

Allegheny College is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination. Allegheny College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap in any of its educational programs, activities or with respect to employment.

Although a conscientious effort is made to make the College a pleasant and rewarding place to work and to study, there will be, from time to time, problems and differences of opinion. Most questions have usually been resolved through informal procedures. Generally, the practice has been to discuss the complaint with the person immediately responsible, with the right to approach the respective deans, the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Business Manager.

The grievance procedures are designed in good faith to provide a climate to all parties without fear of reprisal for mutual problem solving and a mechanism for a fair, confidential hearing and prompt resolution of complaints. Any member of the college community-administration, faculty, staff, or student-who believes that he or she has been discriminated against on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, handicap, or national/ethnic origin shall have recourse to these procedures. These procedures do not supplant the Articles of the College Bylaws, Section 8 or the College Judicial Board structure.

Summary of the grievance procedure

  1. Informal Investigation-Consultation with appropriate supervisor, departmental chairpersons and EEOO and/or Title IX Compliance Officer.
  2. Formal Investigation-Filing of formal grievance filing form, to be obtained from EEOO or Title IX CO, within 180 days from date of grievance.
  3. The EEOO will attempt to resolve the complaint within 20 days from the date of filing by either: rendering a decision, including any rights of appeal, or referring complaint to a Hearing Panel, selected from EEOO/Title IX Standing Committee.
  4. The decision of the EEOO may be appealed to the Hearing Panel through a written letter of appeal submitted to the Hearing Panel within five days of the decision.
  5. The Hearing Panel will convene within 20 days of the written appeal by the complainant.
  6. Closure of case or a written recommendation of the Hearing Panel, including rights of appeal, shall be forwarded to complainant, respondent, President, and EEOO/Title IX CO within five days from the date of hearing.
  7. The recommendation of the Hearing Panel is subject to the approval of the EEOO, President of the College, and the Board of Trustees of the College.
  8. The complainant and/or respondent may appeal the decision of the Hearing Panel by submitting a written letter to the President of the College within five days of the written decision of the Hearing Panel. The President will render a final decision within 15 days of receiving said appeal.
  9. The EEOO/Title XI Compliance Officer shall coordinate and review compliance efforts as recommended in the final decision.