Program Descriptions

 Fall 2017 Gator Day: Tuesday, October 24

9:30 am to 10:45 am Session One
11:00 am to 12:15 pm Session Two
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Lunch Session
1:30 pm to 2:45 pm Session Three
3:00 pm to 4:15 pm Session Four
4:15 pm to 5:15 pm Session Five

Session One (9:30 – 10:45am)

  • The Art of Risk Taking: Tools for Taking Risk, Handling Fear, and Living Meaningfully [ALL] Caitie Whelan is a writer, teacher, entrepreneur, and Noter-in-Chief at The Lightning Notes, a short, daily post to help us move the world forward. The posts feature great ideas and stories to remind us that we matter and that improving the world is our matter. The notes come out five days per week and can be read within a minute or two. For those individuals who would like to see The Lightning Notes “off the page,” Caitie will be offering The Art of Risk Taking, a workshop filled with high energy, many stories, and concrete tools for taking risks; handling fear, failure, rejection, and criticism; and building a meaningful life. Pelletier Collaboratory

Presenters: Caitie Whelan

  • Society of Physics Students Research Symposium [ALL] Any physics student who has conducted research will be presenting their summer work for underclassmen. Topics of research range from biophysics to astrophysics. Carr Hall Lobby

Presenters: Physics Students who Conducted Summer Research

  • Fellowship Opportunities that are Guaranteed to Interest You – Or Your Money Back [FY/SO/JR] Allegheny students with a strong academic record, a history of on- or off-campus service, a sense of adventure, and a little grit should seriously consider looking into one of the many externally-funded scholarship opportunities that are out there for the taking. Some of these scholarships are for study in the U.S., some for study abroad. Some of them fund undergraduate work, while others are meant to help pay for grad school. There are programs for people wanting to get out in the world and get busy and programs for people who want to burrow so deeply into the library that they forget how to get out again. If you’re reading this, chances are there’s one for you. Campus Center 303

Presenters: Prof. Patrick Jackson

  • From Hot Mess to Organized: Google Calendar 101 [ALL] Feeling disorganized, forgetful, or just plain off track. Google calendar is the solution! Leverage this free tool to manage your complex, ever-changing schedule. This hands-on workshop will walk you through establishing a calendar, adding little-known features, and coordinating your various activities. Never miss an assignment or appointment again!! Come prepared with schedules (courses, work, clubs/organizations, athletic, etc.). Bring a syllabus for each course. Feel free to bring your own electronic devices to sync your calendar. Desktop computers will be available. Pelletier 224 – Computer Lab

Presenters: Carly Masiroff and Erin O’Day-Frye, the Learning Commons

  • Map Your Major [SO] Sophomore students need to declare their major soon. But with so many different majors and combinations to choose from, where do you start? How does what major you choose impact on your degree and your career prospects? What things do you need to consider when choosing what major to declare? Join us for an informative session about understanding your major, exploring options for students who are still deciding on what major to choose, and keeping your options open for research opportunities, internship, study abroad, or other career-related experiences. Campus Center  301/302

Presenters: Liza Schaef and Terri Carr, Career Education

Session Two (11:00 – 12:15am)

  • Community Engaged Jobs and Life after Graduation [JR, SR, Interdisciplinary Majors] Civic and community minded students have many opportunities for continuing this commitment and passion after graduation. Come hear from a panel of recent graduates about the community engaged employment that they have found. You’ll have a chance to get questions answered about jobs and life post-graduation during the Q&A. Campus Center 301/302

Presenters: Recent Allegheny Graduates Brogan McGowan, Briann Moye, and Lee Scandinaro

  • How to Get Involved with Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities [FY, SO, JR] Would you like to get involved in research, scholarship, or creative activities in your academic field of interest, but unsure how to go about it? Not sure how to find what research or creative activities interest you’re passionate about pursuing? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (URSCA) has created the Gator Day Session for you! In this session, there will be a panel of professors and students discussing how to get involved in research, scholarship, or creative activities on campus. The panel will consist of professors and students from each of the three major academic divisions on campus (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities), as well as interdisciplinary representatives. Whether your struggle with getting involved with research stems from the belief that “research” does not occur in your discipline or if it comes from not understanding the research process, this panel is equipped to respond to your individual questions. Stop by the URSCA panel to learn more! Pelletier Collaboratory

Presenters: Prof. Lee Coates and other faculty and students who have completed research

  • Things We Wish We Knew Four Years Ago [FY, SO] If you are a first or second year student, you need to attend this panel session to hear tips and advice from three Allegheny seniors who will reflect on their first two years at Allegheny. Topics will range from importance of office hours, time management, connecting with faculty, coping during stressful times & searching for and securing internships, etc. Everything they wish they would have known 4 years prior! After the panel, we will have several students from a variety of majors stationed in Quigley Hall lobby to discuss their experience applying for and completing an internship. This session is open to students from ALL majors–not just Economic interests even though our CBE Fellows are coordinating this! (CBE = Center for Business & Economics) Quigley 101

Presenters: CBE Fellows Margo Birol, Troy Elphinstone, Rachel Ramsey, and Sam Bretz

  • Gateway 100 – Who Are You and What Do You Want to Become [FY, SO] There’s a new class in the Gateway: GTWY 100, a 1-credit course designed to open up some mentored space for students to do the difficult work of thinking about how they are stitching together an educational experience from the disparate things they get up to during their time at Allegheny. Come find out how this might be helpful and how you can sign up. Campus Center 303

Presenters: Prof. Patrick Jackson

  • Foreign Language Learning: The Secret to Success and Secrets for Success [FY, SO] Come to Ruter Hall for a multi-media and multilingual presentation about studying languages at Allegheny and the resources in the Department of Modern & Classical Languages. Alumni testimonials will show students some paths language graduates have taken and a student panel will take questions about major/minor possibilities and experiences. Stay for break-out sessions with our on-site international language instructors who will share secrets only native speakers know about learning Arabic, Chinese, French, German or Spanish in today’s world. finally, have lunch with International Studies faculty and students. A representative faculty member from each language will be on hand for advising. Ruter 201

Presenters: Prof. Barbara Riess and the International Teaching Assistants 

  • Marketing Your Student Athlete Experience [ALL Student Athletes] You’ve devoted a significant portion of your time at Allegheny College to athletics by representing the college as a member of one of our intercollegiate teams. Through your experience as a student athlete you’ve gained and honed skills that can set you apart in job interviews and networking events. Attend this session and leave with tips for articulating how being a student athlete adds value to what you have to offer potential employers. Schultz East Alcove

Presenters: Jim Fitch from Career Education and Coach Angelo Panzetta

  • Practical Tips for College Reading [FY] This presentation will equip students with practical tips and strategies to make the most out of their reading assignments. Students will learn pre-reading and active reading strategies to enable them to be more efficient readers. Carr 239

Presenters: Jennifer Franz, the Learning Commons/International Education

Lunch Session (12:30 – 1:30pm)

  • English Alumni Careers Round Table [ALL] A panel of English alumni will speak about their divergent career paths, all of which were enhanced and inspired by their study of English at Allegheny. Oddfellows 105C

Presenters: Allegheny Alumni Ben Minett, Dana D’Amico, and Bethany Cocchi

  • Your Work: More Than a Paycheck [ALL] As part of the intern program in Spiritual and Religious Life (SRL), the interns have become familiar and experienced in vocational conversation. This is not limited to religious vocation, but rather to what an individual feels called to do in their life. The senior SRL interns will host a panel discussion on how our vocation has changed since coming to Allegheny, and the paths that led us to where we are today. Campus Center 301/302

Presenters: Spiritual and Religious Life Interns

Session Three (1:30 – 2:45pm)

  • Biology Department Open House [FY, SO] Come by Steffee Hall of Life Sciences to meet and talk with Biology professors, Biology majors, and Biology minors. After a brief faculty introduction, students will lead Q&A sessions about the Biology Curriculum, Senior Project Process, Study Away, Research Opportunities (on & off campus), and Career Planning. This is a great opportunity for any student to drop by to simply say hello or to hear more about the exciting opportunities in Biology. Light refreshments will be provided. Steffee B.201

Presenters: Biology Faculty and Students

  • Data and Statistics Wrangling for Biology Compers [SR] Getting started with your comp? Not sure how many replicates you need? Don’t know how to organize your data? No idea how you’re going to analyze your data? Already have data? Not sure what to do with it? Biology Department to the rescue! We’re holding a statistics session to help with both experimental design and data analysis (both planning and execution). Get help now and reduce your stress next semester! Steffee B.212

Presenters: Biology Faculty

  • How you can be a Chemistry or Biochemistry Student [FY, SO]  Learn to know the Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty and current students. Information about the requirements for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors and minors will be briefly presented with plenty of time for questions and one-on-one conversations about the majors and minors.  Doane C.103

Presenters: Prof. Ryan Van Horn PH.D. and Prof. Alice Deckert PH.D.

  • Make History This Summer [FY]  Interested in history? Come hear current history majors speak about their recent summer research and internship experiences. Archives, museums, and national parks all offer opportunities to develop and apply skills in research and presentation. Meet fellow students and faculty while learning about a few of the ways that you can make history this summer.  Arter 205

Presenters: Alyssa Ribeiro and Angela Keysor

  • Global Health Studies Program Open House [FY, SO]  The Global Health Studies (GHS) Program will host an open house for all students interested in learning more about the GHS major or minor. The open house will include a brief presentation to introduce the GHS faculty and review the major/minor requirements. Faculty will also be available to answer questions about the GHS curriculum, senior project, and experiential learning opportunities. Carr 120

Presenters: Prof. Ken Pinnow and the Global Health Studies Steering Committee Members

  • Cook, Garden, and Fix Bikes with ES [FY, SO]  Come meet faculty, staff, and students in environmental science and studies. Spend some time planting things, cooking food, fixing bicycles, or using pedal power to make smoothies. Or do all of the above. Talk to us about majoring in ES and about your interests in the environment and your future. Ask us questions. Hang out.  Carr Lobby, Carr Kitchen, Carrden

Presenters: Faculty and Staff from Environmental Science, Edible Allegheny, Allegheny College Bike Share, and the Carrden 

Mathematics Department Open House, “A Summer in the Life of a Math Major” [ALL] The Mathematics Department Open House will feature the panel discussion “A Summer in the Life of a Math Major”, with Allegheny math majors describing their summer research experiences in Arter 101. Following these presentations, there will be an opportunity to have your questions about the Math major and minor answered by current math majors and faculty, and the Dimensions Math Club will be running a game of Math Jeopardy for all comers. Stop by the Math lounge (Arter 104) to pick up information about: the Math major and minor; Math and 3-2 engineering, pre-health, education, or actuarial studies; and careers, internships, and summer programs. Arter 101 & 104

Presenters: Mathematics Majors and Faculty 

  • International Studies @ Allegheny College [FY, SO]  Come and learn more about the International Studies Program at Allegheny. Get FAQs answered by program faculty and students. Points discussed will be course sequencing, declaring the major, study abroad, and current and future opportunities.  Ruter 300

Presenters: Prof. Laura Reeck

Session Four (3:00 – 4:15pm)

  • The Art of Risk Taking: Tools for Taking Risk, Handling Fear, and Living Meaningfully [ALL] Catie Whelan is a writer, teacher, entrepreneur and Noter-in-Chief at The Lightning Notes, a short, daily post to help us move the world forward. The posts feature great ideas and stories to remind us that we matter and that improving the world is our matter. The notes come out five days per week and can be read within a minute or two. For those individuals who would like to see The Lightning Notes “off the page”, Catie will be offering The Art of Risk Taking, a workshop filled with high energy, many stories, and concrete tools for taking risks; handling fear, failure, rejection, and criticism; and building a meaningful life. Pelletier Collaboratory

Presenters: Caitie Whelan

  • The Moon Garden: Exploring, Science, Art, and Writing [ALL] Dana D’Amico, Allegheny class of ’13, earned her BS in biology with a writing minor before continuing on to earn her MFA in nonfiction writing from the University of Minnesota. She is the recipient of a 2017 Artist Initiative grant award from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Dana has worked as a freelance writer for radio and print (including The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor), a creative writing instructor, and a communications specialist with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. She currently works as a PR Writer with FLM Harvest, a hybrid strategic consulting, marketing, and communications company that specializes in agriculture and life and environmental sciences. Dana will read from a selection of her works, blending scientific research with cultural, historical, and personal narratives. The reading will be followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion. Book House, 534 Park Ave.

Presenters: Dana D’Amico ’13

  • Shaping Your Future in Psychology [ALL] Psychology faculty share their knowledge about graduate schools, internships, and career opportunities in the field of psychology. Carnegie 101

Presenters: Psi Chi Members

  • Hey Student-Athlete, It’s College Study Time! [FY/SO Student Athletes] The workshop will focus on strategic college study skills including effectively managing time, beginning assignments early, and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks. In addition, students will learn how to incorporate academic supports such as writing and speaking consultations, various types of tutoring, and utilizing professors office hours into their effective study strategies. Campus Center 301/302

Presenters: Erin O’Day-Frye, Learning Commons and Athletic Coaches

  • Seniors! What Do You Need to Succeed? [SR] This session is an opportunity for seniors to tell the Career Education Team of the Gateway what you would like from us to support the pursuit and attainment of your job related goals this year.  We earnestly want to know what we can do better to support you.  What do you see as the purpose of Career Education? We’ll have a photographer on hand to take FREE professional portraits for your LinkedIn profile. Brooks Blue Lounge

Presenters: Career Education Counselors

Session Five (4:15 – 5:15pm)

  • Philosophy/Religious Studies Thinkery Prize! [ALL] The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies will hold a Gator Day Thinkery Quiz and host a reception and award ceremony for the winner of the quiz. Grand Prize: adulation and one compact model (10.5 inch) lava lamp. Come to claim your prize or congratulate the winner and stay for good food and better company. Oddfellows Foyer

Presenters: Eric Palmer and Adrienne Krone