Health Professions Calendar

Upcoming Events:

Spring 2022

February   VMCAS Application open for 2022/2023 application cycle

February 20   Conversation with Alumni in Medical and PA Schools 7:00 pm contact KP for zoom link

February 22   AAMC Plan to Enroll Site opens

February 26   MCAT Boot Camp (see KP for details)

March 2   Sophomore Pre-Health Self Assessment: How Am I Doing?  7:00 pm Quigley Auditorium

March 30   Personal Statement Workshop  7:30 pm Pelletier Collaboratory

April 4   Faculty Letters of Rec for Applicants due

April 5   Lehman Medical Ethics Lecture  (virtual) with Dr Daniel Hall

April 13   Application Workshop for Juniors & Seniors Entering the 22/23 Application Cycle

April 19   First Year Pre-Health Meeting, 4:30 Steffee B103

April 28   Last day to schedule an interview for Committee Letter

April 28   CASPA opens

May 2   Plan to Enroll opens

May 3   AMCAS opens

May 10   AADSAS opens

May 26   AMCAS application may be submitted

June 1   AADSAS applications may be submitted

June 24   AMCAS applications start being transmitted to the medical schools