Winslow Health Center – Student Health Services

Incoming Students for Fall 2019

Freshmen and transfer students starting this fall are reminded that their Health Status Report is due on June 28, 2019 – the original hardcopies were included in the Allegheny Bound booklet but can also be downloaded from the link above.

  • Please visit ourFrequently Asked Questions page to help with the most common items we’ve found new students to have regarding campus health services.

  • About Winslow Health Center

    The Winslow Health Center staff supports the needs of our diverse student body through the provision of individual holistic care and education programs and activities. As college health care professionals knowledgeable about developmental issues, we work with students in promoting their physical and psychological well-being. The nurse practitioners and staff offer general health care services and preventive health services with a focus on issues that impact college students.

    We also partner with various departments to offer student wellness programs that include campus-wide events and activities that help build the skills necessary for healthy living through the promotion of physical, intellectual, mental, sexual, and spiritual health and wellness. Please call Winslow Health Center to discuss or set up an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

    Sandra Livingston, CRNP, Director

    The Allegheny College health team is committed to creating a compassionate environment.

    Our vision is to empower students to be engaged in the practice of lifelong health and wellbeing.