Troubleshooting TMS

Some students and parents have experienced difficulties trying to log into the Student Account Center, also known as TMS.

The first step should always be to contact TMS support at 800-294-2135. However, if they cannot resolve the problem, we recommend using all of the following steps that apply for your device, in the following order. These steps may may help restore access. After each numbered step, try again to log in.

    1. Make sure you’re using the right place to log in.
      Screenshot of the "Login" and "Go" buttons in the Student Account Center interface.

      • If you’re a student, be sure to use the Go button for the student login. Enter your Allegheny College credentials.
      • If you’re a parent, be sure to use the Login button for the parents’ login. Enter the username and password you have set up with TMS.
    2. Sign out of non-Allegheny Gmail accounts. If you’re logged into a non-Allegheny Gmail account, TMS might fail to recognize a student’s account login correctly. If you’re experiencing difficulties logging into TMS, we recommend signing out of all Gmail accounts (including your Allegheny account) before trying again.
      Screenshot of the "Sign out of all accounts" dialog box in Gmail
    3. Verify that your password is correct.
      • If you’re a student, check to see if your password works for other Allegheny College services, such as Canvas or Self Service. If not:
        • Try resetting the password on your Allegheny account, especially if you aren’t sure when you last updated it.
    4. Clear your browser history:
    5. Restart your device.
      Have you tried turning it off and back on again” has become a cliché, but sometimes this is indeed the solution.
    6. Clear saved passwords:

Please be sure you have tried all of the above steps that apply to each of the devices you’re using to access the Student Account Center.

Once you’ve completed all of these, if you still experience issues logging into the Student Account Center, please send an email from your email address to: This will open a Web Help Desk ticket, and we can follow up with you for more troubleshooting. If you get an error message from the Student Account Center, attaching screenshots of the error message will be helpful for our technicians.

Parents and guardians, please have the student send the email. An address is required to open a ticket with the Web Help Desk.