Printing On Campus

Allegheny College uses a PaperCut print server to provide printing for the College. The campus community has access to color, duplex, and advanced finishing options from college-owned computers, personal computers, and mobile devices.

Mobility Print is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or ChromeOS. (You must be on campus to install or use Mobility Print.)

Student Printing

Check Your Print Points

Students receive 3200 Print Points each semester to use for printing and copying the necessary academic and co-curricular materials. Unused points can roll over to the following semester. Find ideas on how to conserve them to meet your printing needs over the semester, or buy more online.

Printing Using College Computers

College computers are configured to print to at least one Multi-function Devices (MFDs) that provide copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. Larger buildings have access to additional MFDs and desktop printers.

Print to Release Printers from Your Personal Computer

Students can print from their personal computer to Release Printers at four locations on campus during each building’s open hours by setting up Mobility Print.

  • Bio/Steffee Computer Lab
  • Brooks Hall Blue Lounge
  • Campus Center
  • Pelletier Library

Print to Release Printers from College Computers

When using computers in public labs and Pelletier library you can print to the Release Printers queue and pick up your papers from any of the locations listed above by swiping your ID Card when you get to the printer.

Print to Lab Printers from College Computers

Students that are in public labs with non-Toshiba desktop printers can print directly to the printer(s) in the lab. One does not need to release print jobs when printing from a lab computer.

Release Printers
When printing to a Release Printer, your print job will be held by the print server for 24 hours. If the print job is not released within 24 hours, the print job will be deleted and student Print Points will be refunded automatically.
Printer Availability

Many campus buildings are closed or operating on reduced hours at this time. Please check the building’s hours to ensure that you will be able to pick up your printing.

Print a Poster at the Print Shop

Printing Services has a large-format printer suitable for printing posters to be used for academic presentations by faculty and students.

Employee Printing

Employees are encouraged to set the Toshiba Copier that is closest to them as their default printer. Printing to the Toshiba is the most cost effective way to print documents needed for one’s daily work.

Employee computers are configured to print to a Toshiba using one of the following:

  • Release Printers queue – this queue is the preferred method as it provides greater privacy, limits the number of unclaimed print jobs, minimizes chances of disrupting other print jobs, and can be retrieved from any Toshiba on campus.
  • Copier Specific queue – this is a direct queue any print job sent to it prints automatically to the queue’s associated Toshiba copier.

Use the Release Printers queue to print documents that use special settings like a different color or size of paper. It will keep your job from stalling other’s print jobs and minimize running back and forth to the printer as you change paper or select settings.