Student Network

For Laptop, Phone, or Tablet

Quick Start Guide

  1. Connect to AC-Students on your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  2. Enter your Allegheny username (the part of your email preceding and your Allegheny password.
    • If prompted, choose PEAP for the EAP Method, MSCHAPv2 for the Phase 2 Authentication, and Don’t Validate for the CA Certificate. On Android and ChromeOS devices, your Allegheny username should be entered in the Identity field. If forced to enter a Domain, please enter:
    • If prompted, trust the certificate.
    • For Android and Apple devices, turn off MAC randomization/private address.

OS Specific Tutorials

Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android.

Other Wireless Devices

If you have a wireless device that is not listed above and capable of the following standards, you may be able to connect to AC-Students.

  • 802.1X
  • PEAP authentication
  • MSCHAPv2 inner authentication

Smart TVs, Game Consoles, etc.

Most of these device types must be connected via wired ethernet. Please fill out a WebHelpDesk ticket to register your device, using the Request Type: Internet, Network, Wireless > Student Network > Wired Connection request.

Internet Connection Support

Call: ‭(814) 332-2755

Submit a ticket