Senior Projects

April, 2006 Schaffnit, Rachel The Zapatistas and Democratization in Mexico
April, 2006 Patterson, Laura Las disputas linguisticas en Mexico colonial (1492-1592)
April, 2006 Kendrick, Ashleigh The Virgin of Guadalupe: The Universal Appeal of a Morena Mary
April, 2006 Nemes, Brendan The Roles of Societal and Technological Development in the Conquest of the Aztec Empire
April, 2006 Foote, Allison Nicht Im Kern Verrottet
Not Rotten at the Core
An Examination of German Higher Education Reform
April, 2006 Terwilliger, Allison Felix Houphouet-Boigny and the Dependent Development of Cote d’Ivoire
April, 2006 Ferguson, Elizabeth Ann The World’s Oldest Profession: An Examination of Prostitution in Germany
April, 2006 Lewis, Meghan Unifying the Greens and Alliance 90 in a reunited Germany
April, 2006 Bennett, Hillary The Origins of Fascism in France: The Action Française from 1899 to 1944
April, 2006 Mazur, Dana Lynn Lebensborn Eingetragener Verein: The SS Aryan Race Program
April, 2006 Orndorff, Ben German Militarism: An Examination of German Political-Military Culture
April, 2006 Gerber, Lena The Extremist Tradition in an Increasingly Integrated and Multicultural France: The French national Front
April, 2006 Sceiford, Amanda Was Schröder’s “Courage to Change” Enough to Help the German Labor Market? A Political and Economic Analysis of the Hartz Reforms in Germany
April, 2006 Bartosiewicz, Anna Institutional Language Use in the European Union
April, 2006 Breene, Berry Taylor The Degenerate Trajectory: Art, Politics and Ideology in Germany 1850-1937
April, 2005 Oakes, Kelsey The Impact of Political Culture on Haitian Democracy
April, 2005 Patsy, Maria Teresa A Look at Swiss Neutrality and Economics and Their Impact Upon the Swiss “No” to the European Union
January, 2005 Meyer, Emily Jane Globalization and Shifting Perceptions of Luxury Haute Couture: A Political, Historical and Economic Analysis
November, 2004 Saric, Irena The Role of Public Prosecutors’ Offices in Civil and Socialist Legal Systems; Comparative Study of France, the Russian Federation, and Czech Republic
April, 2004 Strawcutter, Alissa Blood and Belonging: Why Germany Changed Its Citizenship Laws In 1999
April, 2004 Rossman, Nicholas Policy Analysis of allgemeine Wehrpflicht (national compulsory military service) in the German Heer (Army)
April, 2004 Rodgers, Lauren Berlin’s Reunification Problems and Prospectives
April, 2004 Moser, Lauren Organized labor and the state in Mexico: a love-hate relationship
April, 2004 James, Ryan Assessing the Evolution of the Mexican Presidential System: The Institution of Presidencialisimo and the Mexican Presidents
April, 2004 Hrnicar, Michael The Social and Literary Causes of the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme
April, 2004 Fraas, Kerry Can Solidarity be Saved? An Examination of German Pension Reform
April, 2004 Deascenti, Krysten An in-depth Analysis of Immigrants in the German Economy: Relief or Burden
April, 2004 Brandon, Jonathan A Study of Spanish Integration into the European Union: The Role of the State
April, 2004 Berdahl, Siri Ulterior Motives? France’s Abstention from the Second Gulf War
April, 2004 Anderson, Heather The Transition from the DM to the Euro, is it a Success Story?
December, 2003 Rumbaugh, Byron Predicting the Future: Neofunctionalism and the European Union
April, 2003 Hreha, John A Crack in Democracy; Mexico’s Dirty War?
April, 2003 Paff, Rae Ann Feminism in the Fatherland: A comparative Study of the Status of Women in eastern and western Sections of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1990
April, 2003 Pavasovic, Tamara Ethnicity and Religion in Bosnia: Islamic Influence 1990-1995
November, 2002 Buckingham, Lyndsay Tourism in Spain: An Analysis of the Economic and Social Effects
April, 2002 Bradley, Kelly Advancement of Women in Education and Employment: The Case of Spain
December, 2001 Rehman, Aysha The Evolution of the Muslim Presence in France
April, 2001 Ehrlich, Seth The Legacies of World War II: Germany’s Failed Opportunities to Confront The Moral Questions of the Nazi Regime
April, 2001 Kobayashi, Hikaru Mao Cult and Contemporary China
April, 2001 Varanthungarajan, Rebecca An Examination of Globalization in France: Its Effects on Economics, Politics, and Culture
December, 2000 McClure, Megan Music under Nazi Control: Censorship, Exile and Acculturation
December, 2000 Betler, Timothy The Radical Right in Western Europe: Explanations and Observations with a Case Study of Austria and the Freedom Party
November, 2000 Ketzan, Kristof Immigration and the Politics of Citizenship in Contemporary France
November, 2000 Vignale, Tina Unifying Germany’s Environment: Economics, Politics and Prospects
April, 2000 Gerboc, Justin Fortress Europe: Creating Trade or Diverting It? The French Perspective
April, 2000 Miller, DeMarco Soccer: More Than Just A Game
April, 2000 Rohrer, Audrey So, What’s the Difference? Propaganda, Tourism, and the Construction of National Identity in Francoist Spain
April, 2000 Schuler, Jason Öffentliche Politik, Finanzierung und das Geschäftsklima: Existenzgründung und der Kleinunternehmenssektor in den neuen Bundesländern
April, 1999 Siepel, Benjamin The Effects of Plague On Economy and Society in Late-Medieval England
April, 1999 Richardson, Ann The Euro and Businesses: An Investigation of How the Euro Will Affect European Corporations With a Specific Emphasis On the Preparation of French Firms
April, 1999 Quick, Christine The European Parliament: A Five Decade Search for Legitimacy
April, 1999 Lehky, Dyane Guatemala o Guatepeor?: A Comparison of Coffee and Bananas as Used for Primary-export-led Growth in Guatemala
April, 1999 Davitt, Sarah The Yugoslav Crisis: Analyzing the Possible Motivations Behind Germany’s Decision to Recognize Croatia and Slovenia
April, 1999 Currence, Michele Moving Up the Staircase to Success: A Political, Cultural and Historical Study of the German Green Party
April, 1999 Cortes, Victoria The Reduction of the Workweek in France: An Analysis of the Aubry Law and its Effect on Employment
April, 1999 Anderson, Koelle Der Wissenschaftler im modernen deutschen Drama: Eine Analyse von Kaisers Gas I, Brechts Leben des Galilei, Kipphardts In der Sache J. Robert Oppenheimer, und Dürrenmatts Die Physiker
March, 1999 Kuder, Margaret Second Language Acquisition: A Comparison of Children and Older Adults
December, 1998 Rovansek, Farrah Reflections of the French Wine Industry’s Past: Bordeaux Grands Crus Used as Twentieth Century Investment Opportunities
April, 1998 Hunter, Leslie Uptake of Iron and Manganese by Three Aquatic Macrophyte Species In a Wetland Mitigating Acid Mine Drainage
April, 1998 Mason, Angela Is it Time for a Change? Switzerland Contemplates European Integration
April, 1998 Yoder, Daryn The Ghosts of Austria Past: An Examination of the Process of Vergangenheitsbewältung in Austria
December, 1997 McGaffick, Carrie Japan’s Decision Not To Remilitarize in the Post World War II Era: Politically, Economically, and Socially
May, 1997 Northrup, Victor Die Lyrik von Johannes Bobrowski
April, 1997 Kuldkepp, Elo Estonia’s Experience with Monetarism – A Study of the Estonian Monetary Policy and Its Effects on the Economy
December, 1996 Jacobs, Amanda La Gréve et les Syndicats: The Strike of November – December 1995 and the Decline of French Labor Unions
December, 1996 Coleman, Heather To What Extent Have the Kayapo Indians, Of Central Brazil, Been Affected by the Drive for Development of the Interior of Brazil During the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
November, 1996 Tyurina, Alla Foreign Direct Investment in Russia: Costs and Benefits
May, 1996 Tinney, Allyson French Colonization, Changes in Land-use, and Environmental Degradation in Senegal
May, 1996 Backhaus, Melanie The Role of the United States Intelligence Community in Economic Espionage: A Comparative Analysis of French & American Agencies
April, 1996 Schweitzer, Erika Environmental Degradation in the Former German Democratic Republic: An Analysis of the Effects, Social Movements, and Policy Throughout Reunification
April, 1996 Ragen, Stacy Transformation of Gaullist Foreign Policy vis-à-vis the European Union
April, 1996 Hernquist, Timothy The Unification of Germany: The Economic Effects and Absorption of the Former East Germany
April, 1995 Jacoby, Mary Barriers to Free Trade: French Trade Policy Examined
April, 1995 Hyland, Kelly The French Nuclear Energy Export Experience
April, 1995 Flaherty, Daniel Intervention, Deception and Withdrawal
April, 1994 Moskwa, Wojtek Foreign Trade and Transition in Poland: A Political and Economic Analysis
April, 1992 Marohn, Eric Employment Promotion Act of 1969 All Over Again!
April, 1992 Chandler, E. The East German Dissent Movements: 1980 – November 9, 1989
April, 1992 Mahoney, Patrick Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces: The Federal Republic of Germany and the INF Treaty
April, 1991 Kasper, Edward The Berlin Wall
November, 1990 Petri, David Leo The French Objectives in the Ruhr and the Saar in Post – World War II Germany
January, 1990 Sauerbrey, Sara Gesetze Gegen Homosexuellen und Juden
April, 1986 Müller, Corina An Examination of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Multinational in Brazil Utilizing the History of Industrialization and Economic Theories with a Case Study of the Automobile Industry
Grubisha, T.J. The Inevitability of Yugoslavia: A Historic Economic Perspective on the Collapse