Applying for a Scholarship

Applying for one of these prestigious scholarships is a long-term, multi-step, and challenging process. It requires everything you’ve got. You’ll need to give and give and give again, push yourself to what you thought were your limits, harness the work that you’ve done up to that point, and then push again as hard as you can.¬†And once your application is done and you send it out into the world, it will have to compete with similarly hard-won applications from the best students in the country. The odds will no doubt be long.

But whether your application brings you an award or not, you will know tremendously more about both yourself and your path once you complete it. You will be more focused; your goals will be better articulated; and your strengths will have become clearer to you than they have ever been before. And if you win? Nearly everyone who has ever held one of these fellowships identifies the experience as a vital and undeniable turning point. This is true even in the longest and most distinguished of lives.

So, if you think you have what it takes – or even if you’re not sure, but want to put yourself to the test – be in touch or just stop by the Office of Nationally Competitive Fellowships (213 Pelletier Library). Your visit could be the start of something very special indeed.