Department Chair

Caryn Werner (Mathematics), B.A., SUNY–Binghamton; M.S., Ph.D., Colorado State University. Algebraic geometry.

Steering Committee

Courtney Bailey (Communication Arts/Theatre), B.S.C., Ohio University; M.S., Ph.D., Indiana University.
M. Soledad Caballero (English), B.A., Appalachian State University; M.A., Tufts University; Ph.D., Tufts University.  British Romanticism, Travel Writing, Post-colonial literature, literary theory, Latino/a literature
Jennifer Hellwarth (English), B.A., University of California (Berkeley); M.A., Stanford; Ph.D., University of California (Santa Barbara). Medieval and early modern gender, sexuality, female devotional and literacy practices.
Helen McCullough (Technology and Learning Commons), B.A., Allegheny College; M.Ed.IT, Edinboro University. Information technology; information literacy; contemporary media criticism.
Barbara Riess (Modern and Classical Languages), B.A., M.A., University of Connecticut; Ph.D., Arizona State University.
Barbara Shaw (Women’s studies). B.A. Colby College, Graduate Certificate and M.A. University of Maryland, College Park, Research M.A. University of Birmingham (UK), Ph.D. University of Maryland College Park.  Transnational feminisms; feminist and queer theory; Caribbean women’s literature and cultural studies; migration and diaspora studies; women, gender & sexuality in popular culture.
Caryn Werner (Mathematics), B.A., SUNY–Binghamton; M.S., Ph.D., Colorado State University. Algebraic geometry.
Sharon Wesoky (Political Science), B.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University. Feminism across cultures; women’s movements; Asian/Chinese politics and society.
Emily Chivers Yochim (Communication Arts/Theatre), B.A., Allegheny College; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Selected Faculty Publications & Achievements

  • “Female Suffrage in New Jersey, 1790-1807,” published in Women and Politics
  • The Reproductive Unconscious in Medieval and Early Modern England, published by Routledge
  • “Prophesying Daughters: Testimony, Censorship, and Literacy Among Early Quaker Women,” published in Critical Survey
  • “Women’s Liturgical Manuscripts at Klosterneuburg,” published in The Early Drama, Art, and Music Review
  • Dark Eden: The Swamp in 19th-Century American Culture, published by Cambridge Press
  • “Women and Society in Pre-Colonial Iyede,” 
published in Anthropos
  • “Oral Field Techniques and Women’s History: The Case of Owan, Nigeria,” published in Ufahamu
  • “Environmental Justice from the Grassroots: 
Reflections on Gender, History and Expertise,” published in The Struggle for Ecological Democracy: Environmental Justice Movements in the United States
  • “Gender Schema Theory Revisited: Men’s Stereotypes of American Women,” published in Sex Roles
  • Unequal Justice, published by Simon and Schuster
  • To Comfort the Heart: Women in Seventeenth-Century America
  • Christina Rossetti: Faith, Gender and Time
  • When Men and Women Mattered: A History of 
Gender Relations Among the Owan of Nigeria
  • Chinese Feminism Faces Globalization, published by Routledge