Global Health Studies


Welcome to Allegheny College Amelia Darrouzet-Nardi! We are happy to have a new face in the Global Health Studies Department and learn more about your expertise relating to food economy.

Amelia Darrouzet-Nardi is a brand new professor in the Global Health Studies Department! as of Fall 2015!  She is a food economist, and her research focuses on the linkages between agriculture and child nutrition in low-income settings, particularly farm families.  She, along with many other Global Health students are very excited for what she will bring to the table.  From working in the the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and completing her dissertation on child malnutrition in farm households, Amelia is ready to explore more about her role on campus.  She also hopes to collect data locally in the Meadville area to investigate the links between the food system and health here in the U.S.A.


11204953_10153659670904683_1976059427624143447_nWant to here from Global Health Studies students about their summer internship experiences both abroad and local?  Well click on the Experiential Opportunities tab to find out more about what they accomplished  and how they applied their major to real life experiences!

For Jackie Morrow, she went to India this summer where her objective was to capture the journey and role taken by the hospital in providing care within the social and economic realities of the community.

Her project called Kenchanahalli: A journey of 25 years, focused on 25th year of the hospital’s existence.  At the end or her internship she created an interactive timeline on Prezi and a newsletter/brochure detailing interviews with internal supports, external supporters and donators of the hospital overall.


Allegheny College is proud to be among a handful of American liberal arts colleges that boast a program in Global Health Studies (GHS).

Founded on the belief that undergraduate liberal education can play an essential role in meeting the world’s health challenges, the GHS program draws upon Allegheny’s longstanding commitments to civic engagement, diverse perspectives, internationalization, project-based and interdisciplinary learning. Thanks in part to a generous grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, we have added new faculty with expertise in epidemiology and global health, designed new health-related courses, supported student research and experiential learning opportunities, and beginning in the academic year 2013-14 offered both a major and a minor in Global Health Studies.