Student Stories

Jessie Gallagher ’121471286_1005346149476899_8580407120523706253_n

While at Allegheny Jessie traveled to Guyana with a faculty member to help Rural Area Medical provide cervical cancer screening for low income women in South America; participated in a RAM clinic in New Orleans to assist in providing basic dental, medical, and cancer screening for domestic uninsured, spent a semester in Ecuador with an internship placement at a rural clinic assisting with maternal and newborn delivery, care.  Conducted her comp interviewing Amish midwives about birthing practices, prenatal care, and estimating incidence of Amish low birth weight babies.

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Chloe Nunez ’13Ghana Allegheny 1

Chloé Nuñez was an Environmental Studies major at Allegheny with a focus in Global Health and Development. She was initially interested in health from a clinical perspective, but as she became deeply involved in the Meadville Community, she soon realized she was more intrigued by social determinants of health.

Chloé further developed her interest of health by taking advantage of the many opportunities at Allegheny, including Unión Latina and Alpha Phi Omega. She also served as a Davies Community Service Leader, Healthy Homes, Healthy Children Outreach Volunteer, READ Literacy Tutor, Imagine No Malaria Intern and Wellness Committee Student Assistant.

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Ryan Napper ’13Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 11.22.19 PM

Ryan Napper’s journey into Global Health was unplanned when he arrived at Allegheny College. And, little did he know at the time, he would play a big role in developing this new major over the course of his undergraduate experience.

Ryan always knew that he would wind up in healthcare. He saw himself majoring in biology and heading to medical school after graduation. He decided upon Allegheny for its strong science programs and liberal arts teaching methods.

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Garrett Devenney ’1610408913_10206426672014903_7051307388643421346_n

On campus, I am a biology and global health studies double major. I have taken epidemiology and a junior seminar focused on public health, which will be the basis for my senior project. I am currently a Health Coach, a program envisioned by the Community Care Network of the MMC. I visit weekly with my patients, providing assistance with exercise, dietary journals, and other health goals. Also, I have researched with the Global health Department to complete community health needs assessments for two local hospitals (Meadville Medical Center and Titusville Area Hospital). I also plan to co-author a paper (with Dr. Dawson) on Undergraduate Students’ Knowledge and Perceptions of the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

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