Study Away – credit-bearing

Your first stop for exploring semester-based study away programs should be with Allegheny’s International Office.  While many programs can be completed while you are a GHS major or minor, some are particularly well-designed to provide coursework or internship experiences that can translate directly into your academic program.  Explore the Allegheny-sponsored study away programs, and talk with both the International Office and your advisor to see if these programs are right for you.  You might consider experiential learning opportunities (credit-bearing ∼3 week courses led by faculty in May after the spring semester is completed) or a longer semester- or year-based academic program. Some of these programs focus on the ecological and social determinants of health, and strategies for sustainable development.  For those that offer internships (MSID), advance planning with both Allegheny and MSID staff may permit you to secure an internship location related to community health, maternal / child health, health education, girl’s education, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, women’s collectives, etc.

For more information, please contact the International/Study Abroad Office at (814) 332-4891, or email Jenny Kawata at
International Service Learning- An Unsponsored Study Abroad Opportunity

ISL strives to enhance academic learning through service experience while providing quality health care and other services in developing communities. We utilize in-country professionals and offer programs which observe the highest ethical standards and inspire volunteers to a lifestyle of service.

Go Eco- Volunteer trips around the world – An Unsponsored Study Abroad Opportunity

School for International Training Global Health Study Abroad Programs – An Unsponsored Study Abroad Opportunity

CIEE programs in community public health

Arcadia University: The College of Global Studies

This exceptional program is designed to help prepare students for professional school in health-related fields such as public and global health studies, medicine and dentistry, and give them an added international dimension to their study.

Pre-Health Semester

This 16-credit program covers essential courses in health-related sciences and is geared primarily to juniors and sophomores. Students will explore multicultural dimensions of healthcare delivery, while also taking compulsory science courses and laboratory classes through Queen Mary, University of London. An optional American Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) preparation course is also available.

Pre-Health Summer

During this eight-week /eight-credit program, students, primarily freshmen and sophomores, will choose two laboratory-based courses taught by Arcadia faculty in laboratory facilities of the Royal Veterinary College, London.

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