Senior Project Overview

Every GHS major completes an original year-long senior thesis project. Some sample projects are listed below:

Maternal and Child Health

  • Micronutrient deficiency and vitamin A and international rights and obligations
  • Pediatric asthma management in Meadville
  • Perceptions of prenatal health in Amish and Mennonite populations
  • Evaluating potential causes of low birth weight in Pennsylvania using GIS

Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations

  • Causes of sex trafficking in South and Southeast Asia
  • Efficacy of Community empowerment as a means to reduce environmental health disparities
  • Household management strategies to reduce lead in household dust
  • Examining patient-physician dynamics in exacerbating Lupus outcomes in minority populations
  • Determining how fine particulate matter disperses within a home
  • Videography to encourage community water fluoridation

Community Health

  • Photovoice as a tool to understand 4th grade students views on physical activity
  • Integrating garden-based-learning into the 7th grade curriculum
  • Incorporating weekly nature field trips to improve mental health in college students
  • Reducing the deficit between targeted and actual physical activity in low-income preschoolers during winter months
  • Successful anti-smoking campaigns being applied to childhood obesity reduction and prevention efforts
  • Changing behaviors and attitudes about preparing healthy and sustainable meals