Overall, the Global Health Studies Department has faculty representing both interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary training.

The areas of faculty expertise include the following:

  • International development and policy
  • History of disease and medicine
  • Medical ethics and medical humanities
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental health and health disparities
  • Ethnography
  • Microbiology and virology
  • Media portrayal of health issues
  • Cultural perceptions of health
  • Pre-health professions
  • Health economics
  • Nutrition
  • Maternal and child health

Amelia B. Finaret  B.S., SUNY Stony Brook; M.S., Iowa State University; Ph.D., Tufts University

Steven Farrelly-Jackson B.A., (Hons), University of Cape Town; D.Phil., Oxford University

Tricia Humphreys B.A., Thomas More College; Ph.D., Miami University

Kirsten Peterson B.S., Allegheny College, M.A., Allegheny College

Ken Pinnow B.A., Duke University; Ph.D., Columbia University

Pamela Runestad B.A., Augustana College; M.A., University of Sheffield (United Kingdom); M.A., University of Hawai`i at Mānoa; Ph.D., University of Hawai`i at Mānoa

Vesta Silva B.A., Indiana University (Indianapolis); M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa

Barbara Shaw B.A., Colby College, Graduate Certificate & M.A. University of Maryland, College Park, M.A. University of Birmingham (UK), Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

Becky Smullin Dawson B.S., Allegheny College; M.P.H., Emory University; Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore

Caryl Waggett B.A., Brown University; Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley