April 1, 2010

AAC Meeting Minutes April 1, 2010

Call to order: 12:06 p.m.

Members present:

Tony Cipollone, Alan Bartlett, Jason Ramsey, Jamie Williams, Matt Gullatta, Betsy Rhodes, Cynthia Burton, Penny Frank, Jared Luteran

Replacement for Rob Clune

Cynthia moved to wait until the new term to replace Rob

Tony seconded

Motion passed

DGE Feedback

Ian B. said thank you for AAC’s feedback on their survey

FCC Member Replacement

Betsy made three suggestions

Conversation about the three people and also a review of the process

Tony said he would like to serve on FCC

Group decision to suggest: Kazi Joshua (Residence Life), Marian Sherwood (Institutional Research), Tony Cipollone (Athletics & Recreation)

Academic Regalia Rental

Sandra Sanford brought this item for discussion, it has been brought to her attention that some academic departments have their regalia paid for while others do not

Is this an AAC issue?

What is rental cost, how many people rent?

Can we help, make a suggestion, should this be a bigger issue?

Should we work harder to get administrators to go?

Cynthia will fact-find

Decals for Sustainability Office

Penny suggested we get quotes for decals to help out the Sustainability Office, if the committee agrees it’s something we want to support

Discussed bathroom mirror decals to educate people; Alan brought up the recycling can signage

Do we use different color bins or can we re-label them?

Penny will get quotes and work up proofs with Kelly

Next Meetings

Betsy asked if we can schedule extra meetings while we’re working out the bylaw issues and other issues, we have a lot to cover! All agreed.

Next meetings: April 15-Athletics, April 29 if we need it, May 6

Meeting adjourned: 1:10 p.m.