April 15, 2010

AAC Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2010

Call to order: 12:07 p.m.

Members present:

Tony Cipollone, Alan Bartlett, Jason Ramsey, Betsy Rhodes, Penny Frank, Jared Luteran

Campus Communication

Betsy reported that the Office of Religious Life is planning to do an online newsletter including personal information about employees (as submitted) including retirements, deaths, illnesses, etc.

Concerns about if and how this fits into the overall campus communication plan; has the campus communication committee (as established by the Strategic Plan) been included on this?

Can/should some of this information be addressed through My Allegheny?

SAC Summer Trilogy

SAC is running with the planning of the trilogy, ideas are:

  1. Wellness day (stations for yoga, pilates, walking, etc.)
  2. Picnic/games similar to last year
  3. North Village tour

Everyone seems fine with that, we’ll assist as we need to.

Bylaw Review Subcommittee

Jason and Tony reviewed their proposed changes; discussion by the group of each section that had revision suggestions.

Alan–motion to accept Section 3, Tony–second, motion passed

Alan–motion to accept Section 4, Tony–second, motion passed

Penny–motion to accept Section 2 as amended, Alan–second, motion passed

Discussion of need for marketing materials, redesigned ballots, something to help communicate to administrators who we are, what we do

Action items:

Post a link to revised bylaws on My Allegheny (link to AAC site) (Jason/Penny)
Send a revised temporary renewal/replacement process to all AAC members (Jason/Betsy)

FFC Report – Jason

FCC has concluded that faculty salaries at AC are now in the 50th percentile of our peer schools. We are in our second year of the salary plan, and that is great news. We have third year to go, which looks positive.

Next meetings: April 29, May 6 (locations TBD)

Meeting adjourned: 1:12 p.m.