April 29, 2010

AAC Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2010

Call to order: 12:08 p.m.

Members present:

Alan Bartlett, Jason Ramsey, Betsy Rhodes, Penny Frank, Sandra Sanford, Matt Gullatta, Jamie Williams

Comments on Bylaws (old business)

Pat Ferrey had minor revisions

Membership replacement for next few years (old business)

Jamie has agreed to stay on next year

Election committee  (new)

Jason, Matt and Penny volunteered

Electronic newsletter (old business)

Newsletter by Jane Ellen Nickel will move forward; idea came out of an issue, a death was announced in the magazine that someone complained they hadn’t known about);

This is not part of the communications committee looking at master calendar/scheduling stuff

By submission only

Betsy would like to invite someone to a meeting in the fall to discuss communications

Summer trilogy (old business)

SAC requested that we transfer our funds to their account

We have $411.89 in account

Should we ask them to charge our account instead?

Betsy will check and see if they will be able to spend all the money we give them by June 30

Amount proposed to give them, $300

Reporting of sick days (new)

A question was raised about reporting sick days; someone told Betsy that she/he does report, but that she/he knows two people who do not.

The policies were reviewed, one section says you need to report to your supervisor; the referred to section says it needs to be reported to HR; seems unclear

Widely varying reports from AAC members about how it works in their respective offices, expectations definitely are different, some even seem incorrect

Need to discuss the policy and what might/should change to better clarify

Does HR need to know this info? Should people have to report to remain accountable?

Next meeting: May 13, McKinley’s Private Dining — lunch is on AAC!