November 5, 2009

AAC Meeting Notes
November 5, 2009

Mike Richwalsky
Matt Gullata
Betsy Rhoades
Alan Bartlet
Sandra Sanford
Tony Cippolone
Cynthia Burton

1.) AAC has a new website
-located at
-Contains member lists, meeting minutes.
-Mike will inform Administrators campus wide of the website via e-mail.
-Includes blog forms for announcements, meeting minutes, etc.
-New WordPress site, which is available to anyone who would like one.

2.) Old Business
a.) Budget: Last month: $464. New November Balance: $411.89.
b.) Sustainability discussion with Kelly Boulton has been tabled until she and Penny
Frank are in attendance.
c.) Flexible Spending discussion with Pat Ferrey is approved. The Learning session will
be held on November 11 at noon in CC301.
-How to get the word out about this event?
-E-mail will be sent by Monday, and a post will be put on Inside Allegheny.
-Mike will also discuss event with SAC. (Deb Carman.)
*Question from Sandra about AAC’s goal. Reiteration of notes from October.*

3.) New Business
a.) Tony- Question of how to send mass e-mails to campus members.
-Mike: We need to reexamine the mass e-mail policy in light of our environmental
commitment and the need to keep campus members informed of campus events.
-Is there a current written policy for internal communications? To students? To
-Recommendation: Mike to make a recommendation to AEC: Engage them regarding emailing
policies on campus. (December 5th.)
-There is software to help manage and send mass communications to college community.
There are also greater means to filter messages if someone wishes to opt out.
b.) -Inside News will be changing soon. The My Allegheny homepage will now be the
central webpage. It will contain aspects of Inside News
-Garage Sale will still be included!

4.) Items from the community
a.) ‘Tis the season for ACA greeting cards. Allegheny College Association has been in
existence over 30 years and provides women from the area with college scholarships.
-Selected a photo: (Snow capped Bentley was the group favorite.)
-How will they promote the card?
-Cards are not the main sustaining force of ACA: General Donations are the main
support. (Cards are a smaller part.)
– We will be notified when the cards are available for purchase.
b.) Allegheny Calendar to be published soon.
-Widened audience to receive this calendar. Previously was sent to all alumni donors, all
staff and faculty, and others.
-This year: Calendar will be sent to all alumni, all staff and faculty, and others.
-Calendar will also include class notes and a small magazine.
… … … …
c.) Tony attended the Faculty discussion of the Strategic Planning Group the day after the
AAC/SAC discussion. The two conversations were very different. Much of the language
in the document was focused on faculty initiatives, and we’d like to make sure that
Administrative initiatives are also included within the final strategic plan.
d.) Feedback on Campus Climate Survey: Currently around 40% participation.
-Issue of confidentiality of those who were surveyed. Questions were general, and then
ended with demographics, which might lead for people in departments to be identified.
-Tony discussed with Ben Slote: This is not the first time concerns have been raised.
-Betsy: Only Susan Rankin and Marian Sherwood can see the raw data.
-Still concerns of identifying individuals through analysis of data. Betsy assures that the
final reports would not reveal individuals and that their confidentiality would be

In summary:
Next Meeting: December 3 at Noon. Location: Wise Center Conference Room. (Tony
suggested that meetings be held at rotating offices. Approved.)
Flex Spending with Pat Ferrey on November 11 at Noon in CC301. Pass the word to
your colleagues.

Meeting adjourned.