Senior Project Information

Updated process for Comp Projects 2020

March 21, 2020

Final draft of written comp: Deadline Monday April 6 at 5 pm

  • Logistics of turning it in: email a PDF, Word doc, or Google doc link–ask your First Reader for specific instructions.

Oral defense meeting: April 8-24

  • Virtual meetings
    • Options include:
      • Google Meet – has text, audio, and video options
      • Skype – has both a video and audio option
      • Conference call on telephone
      • Email
  • Logistics of this virtual meeting will be worked out by the First Reader in conversation with the student.

Senior Symposium: Canceled

  • Grading scheme for semester changes to the following:
    • 33% written
    • 33% oral
    • 33% scholarship/progress

Final comp due: April 30

  • Submit electronic copy of abstract to the department – no changes
  • Upload final comp to D-space (D-space instructions) – no changes (note: submission form is electronic)
  • Submit electronic thesis to First Reader
    • Department will mail a printed and bound copy to students.
    • Students may also need to email an electronic copy (or put it on Sakai or wherever the advisor directs); consult your First Reader for specific directions on this.

Other items to be handled in consultation with First Reader:

  • Lab cleanup
  • Return of supplies
  • Data & lab notebooks
  • Organism care

Abstract Submission Form

DSpace Submission Instructions

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  • Class of 2021 – Updates coming soon

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