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Steve Suchora '10

Steve Suchora ’10

Steve Suchora ‘10 will share how his economics education combined with the practical experience he gained from participating in the Gator Innovation Challenge, now known as the Zingale Big Idea Competition, inspired him to start a business and pursue a Master of Information Systems Management degree at Carnegie Mellon University.

Attend this event to learn how this path led him to his current role as a Software Quality Engineer for Confluence Technologies.

A Really Big Idea: Calc-Tech LLC

Steve created an app designed to help students improve their score on standardized tests. His company, Calc-Tech, helps students to achieve higher scores college entrance exams such as the SAT test in the college admissions process to enable them to get into their school of choice using the SAT Operating System.

How it works

Calc-Tech’s SAT Operating System (SAT_OS) is an SAT calculator program that you can purchase for $14.95 and transfer to your Texas Instruments graphing calculator using your Windows or Mac computer. The program contains a set of math functions that you can use during the SAT test to work the math problems faster and with better accuracy. To date, there are over 20,000 users of the SAT Operating System.

The use of this software is permitted under the The College Board’s official Calculator Policy.

Learn more at calc-tech.com/