What’s happens during a Busy Spring Semester at the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics?

Quite a lot! Read “The Business and Economics Review” to look back at the highlights for Spring 2023 — Click here to download a .pdf

Summer 2023 Business and Economics Review

Our Distinctive Program

At the Allegheny College Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics, students may pursue a major in economics or business with each course of study applying the rigor of economic theory, with the benefit of interdisciplinary coursework that allows students to create a personalized concentration. Like many disciplines in a liberal arts curriculum, business and economics emphasizes oral, written, and quantitative methods in courses and seminars.

We offer students a program that requires a balance of theory and application in its curriculum. A combination of theory courses, quantitative work, and a number of field courses are offered to non-majors and minors. The program is designed to provide a foundation in liberal arts education to prepare students for postgraduate study and careers such as international affairs, law, business, management, banking and finance, human resources, accounting, marketing, education and public policy.

An extensive portfolio of co-curricular activities complements our curriculum, enhancing student learning and real-world experience and soft skill development to ensure that each student succeeds in pursuing internships, job, and graduate school opportunities at Allegheny College, and throughout their professional careers.

The distinctive Allegheny model requires students to declare a minor in a non-business and non-social science discipline, for example philosophy, religious studies, a foreign language, music, english, fine arts, biology, world health, mathematics, and computer science among other fields.