The Center for Political Participation (CPP)

At Allegheny College, we believe that, when it comes to politics, thinking is for doing. We want to help students think carefully and critically about the problems that affect people’s lives. And, just as importantly, we want to help students find ways of taking action to address those problems. That is why our work at the Center for Political Participation (CPP) involves both civic education and civic engagement.


Law & Policy Program

The Center for Political Participation is the home of Allegheny College’s Law & Policy Program, which connects students with practical learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Through this program, we connect students with leading scholars and political practitioners we bring to campus. We also connect students with research opportunities and internships.

Visit the Law & Policy site for more details.

Research on Politics

The Center for Political Participation is Allegheny’s hub for public opinion research on the challenges facing American democracy. Our most recent research efforts have focused on why citizens sometimes sacrifice democratic norms for political gain. We are also interested in understanding how citizens can identify shared interests across lines of partisan and ideological difference. To advance our research, we are currently developing our capacity to train students in data analysis and involve them in projects with faculty.

Civic Engagement and Community Partnerships

The Center for Political Participation is Allegheny College’s primary resource for voter registration and electoral participation. In collaboration with the Andrew Goodman Foundation, the CPP helps students register to vote and get to the polls in every election cycle. The CPP is also building relationships with non-profit partners in our local community that serve the public good while also helping students gain hands-on, practical experience.