Center for Political Participation Fellows

Group photo of seven multicultural Student Fellows
Bottom Row (left to right): Will Lowthert, Bintou Fofana, Son Nguyen Tom Row (left to right): India McCruter, Asaad Bell, Olivia Brophy, Claudia Huber

The Center for Political Participation relies heavily on student involvement. Several work-study students are hired each semester to do important research. Also, a Student Fellowship Program has been established. These fellows are selected to help run the Center, from organizing various events and implementing programs, to creating innovative strategies for promoting politics and the democratic process.

The Quigley Town Hall (QTH) was established by the CPP in 2013. The idea was to provide the campus and the community multiple, ongoing opportunities to learn about and explore contemporary policy issues, debates, and key events.  The QTH series is run entirely by CPP Fellows; they develop the topics that are to be explored in the series, choreograph the events, and arrange for policy experts to help facilitate the discussions. We try to hold one QTH per month during the academic year.

Recent Quigley Town Halls

Some of the most recent Quigley Town Halls have focused on the following topics:

  • When Do Human Right Violations Get Media Attention?
  • The War in Ukraine: Why did Russia Invade? How have the Ukrainian People Responded?
  • Politics of the Pandemic
  • Civic Values and Public Discourse
  • Citizens Take to the Streets in Chile: What is going on in South America?
  • That’s What Xi Said: What’s Happening in China?
  • The Daily Me: Algorithms and Political Preferences