Recent Senior Projects

Senior Projects are completed for the major requirement, and thus the Chinese Studies minors do not require a senior project.

International Studies is an interdisciplinary social science major, and students take courses in the departments of economics, history, modern and classical languages, and political science. The major consists of courses in the areas of economics, theory, U.S.-international relations, language, and a regional focus. Students electing East Asian studies as their regional focus take four courses in this area. International studies majors are required to undertake at least one semester of study abroad. Allegheny College currently has sponsored study programs in East Asia in China and Japan.

Below are Senior Projects from the International Studies major with a topic emphasis in Asian Studies.

  • The Political, Economic, and Historical Impact of Chinese Immigration to France: The Two Major Waves and Gap In Between
  • China’s Naval Deployment to the Gulf of Alden, A Focused Case Study of Soft Power