Upcoming Creek Connections Workshops:

8/15/18 – STEM Educator Workshop: Water Resources and Earth Sciences in the French Creek Watershed.

Due to its unique and rich biodiversity and outstanding water quality, French Creek is nationally renowned as one of the most important streams in eastern North America, and is identified as a globally significant watershed. This workshop will highlight the geological history, water quality, and aquatic ecology of waterways in northwest Pennsylvania, considering important and challenging societal issues such as land use change, invasive species, and climate change. Activities include:

• Networking, building ties, and sharing ideas with other earth & environmental educators.
• Integrating earth science information and data from local watersheds into curriculum, with resources for use with students of all ages (pre-K, K-12, even adults).
• Teaching from an earth systems perspective, in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards.
• Using technical apps, digital maps, and visual imagery as innovative teaching tools.
• Creating virtual field experiences that can be shared with students, in the community, and online.
• Engaging the public through citizen science opportunities.

We encourage any interested colleagues from K-12 schools, nature centers, museums, and academic institutions to join us at Carr Hall at Allegheny College. Please bring cell phones and laptops to facilitate hands-on activities. The workshop is entirely free-of-charge, with meals and refreshments provided. Please help us to spread the word, and register today!

The primary instructors are renowned educators Dr. Don Haas and Dr. Rob Ross of the Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth. Haas (Director of Teacher Programs) currently serves at the president of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, and Ross (Director of Outreach and Exhibits) currently teaches history of life and environmental sciences at Cornell University and Ithaca College. Additional materials will be presented by researchers from Penn State University and Allegheny College.

Draft Agenda. FULL – Registration closed

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