Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics

Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & EconomicsThe Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics attracts Allegheny’s next generation of business innovators and entrepreneurs by providing a host of co-curricular activities that connect with and deepen their classroom experiences.

Here is a summary of our annual events and activities:

The Board of Visitors is an advisory body made up of distinguished alumni and business leaders that convenes annually to engage with students in a variety of activities to answer questions and offer “real world” perspective on trending topics in business and economics.

CBE Fellows are a select group of motivated students that function as a leadership team to plan and execute CBE events and act as student ambassadors for the Economics Department.  Activities are structured to enable students to include this position on their resumes as a valuable work experience.

The Executive Roundtable is an annual event that addresses issues of regional, national, and global interest. Participants are leading practitioners in business and related fields, often Allegheny alumni.  The Roundtables bring students together with distinguished business leaders whose perspective and experiences create educational value.  

Executive in ResidenceThe Executive in Residence program is an event is designed to connect Allegheny students and faculty with prominent business executives who spend several days on the Allegheny campus speaking about their life experiences in business, paths to success and lessons learned.

The Financial Literacy Challenge is an intercollegiate event in which students develop and present a personal financial budget and investing plan appropriate for a recent college graduate. There will be $5,000 in prizes and trophies awarded to student winners.

The Lunchtime Learning Lecture Series provides students with opportunities to gain valuable information on topics and industries related to internships and careers. Speakers often choose one of two broad areas to discuss with students. The first is career oriented, and fits under our CBE CAREERS lunches. The second is issue oriented, and fits under our CBE IDEAS lunches. Both topics enable students to navigate and explore job options, understand the steps necessary to pursue opportunities and how to self-advocate for opportunities in the workplace.

Major City Trips are designed to enable students to travel to a major metropolitan area, visit leading corporations and interact with business leaders. Students can explore first-hand internship and entry-level opportunities, interview for open positions, and meet with successful Allegheny alumni.

The Wealth Management Club is designed to give students a collaborative environment in which they can openly discuss and learn about topics relating to personal finance. The club will invite guest speakers, use simulations, and perform individual research in order to educate members about personal finance topics and learn how to get a head start on managing their own money.

The Zingale Big Idea Competition is a funding request contest open to all Allegheny and visiting college students. Student teams present concepts in any one of three areas: For-profit Business, Non-profit Business and Hybrid Social Venture. The annual Competition will award students with a total of $20,000 in prize money. The contest emulates the experiences seen on the popular CNBC broadcast, Shark Tank.

Questions?  Department Contacts

Tomas Nonnenmacher ’90, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Center for Business and Economics
Patricia Bush Tippie Professor of Economics

Chris Allison ’83
Co-Director, Center for Business and Economics
Entrepreneur in Residence, Allegheny Trustee

Beth Ryan
Program Coordinator, Center for Business and Economics