Center for Business & Economics Fellows

CBE Fellows are a select group of motivated students that function as a leadership team to support CBE programming and act as student ambassadors. Activities are structured to enable students to include this position on their respective resumes as a valuable work experience.  To qualify for this position, students must have a keen interest in both business and economics, maintain a good academic standing, and regularly attend all CBE activities.  

Who are the 2022/2023 Academic Year Fellows?


Megan Dennis ’23

Meredythe Baird, CBE Fellow

Meredythe Baird ’24

RJ Swanson '24

RJ Swanson ’24

Lucia Jeuguen '24

Lucia Jueguen ’24

Andrew Strobel '24

Andrew Strobel ’24

Rutendo Mavunga '24

Rutendo Mavunga ’24

What do they do? CBE Fellows Special Events for the 2021/2022 Academic Year

Professional Experiences with the CBE Fellows
The CBE Fellows Inspire Students to Ace Their Next Interview

 What other kinds of activities are the CBE Fellows involved in?

  • Create content for program communications,
  • Promote CBE events to their peers,
  • Act as hosts for visitors and introduce guest speakers, 
  • Organize two events per academic year, notably the department’s Gator Day activity,
  • Provide student feedback  on a wide variety of subjects,
  • Mentor new and prospective students,
  • Network with alumni,
  • Support all Center for Business & Economics activities.

Why Become a Fellow?

“Being a CBE Fellow gave me the opportunity to expand upon my relationships in the department with professors and students, which made my four years at Quigley Hall much more meaningful. I also was able to improve my networking, public speaking, and event planning skills alongside the other fellows who made the experiences so enjoyable.” Emma Black ’20, 2nd year CBE Fellow

Who can apply?

CBE Fellow positions are reserved for rising juniors and seniors who are Business and Economics majors or minors. Contact Beth Ryan, Program Coordinator for more information.

The CBE Fellows were established in 2017 as our student leadership team, here is a list of Fellows who have served our department with distinction:

2017/2018 Fellows:  Troy Elphinstone ’19, Rachel Ramsey ’18, Margo Birol ’18, Samantha Bretz ’18

2018/2019 Fellows: Troy Elphinstone ’19, Trevor Day ’20, Carlos Sanchez ’20, Jack Goodman ’19, Emma Black ’20

2019/2020 Fellows:  Rafael M. Balanquet ’20, Trevor Day ’20, Emma Black ’20, Carlos Sanchez ’20, Shannon Putnam ’20, Rachel Tobler ’21

2020/2021 Fellows: Alex Abadi ’21, Rachel Tobler ’21,  Arigun Bayaraa ’22, Noah Tart ’22, Kaylin Tang ’22, Maya Ginter-Frankovitch ’22

2021/2022 Fellows: Arigun Bayaraa ’22, Noah Tart ’22, Kaylin Tang ’22, Maya Ginter-Frankovitch ’22, Megan Dennis ’23, Morgan Douglas ’23