Quigley Hall is Equipped with Bloomberg Terminals

Allegheny College Students Gain a Competitive Edge with Bloomberg on their Resume

Typical Bloomberg Terminal
Typical Bloomberg Terminal

The Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business and Economics is home to the Bloomberg Lab at Allegheny College.  When hiring new employees, businesses involved in banking and finance are looking for students skilled in utilizing the Bloomberg terminal to conduct research using the world’s most valuable tool in banking and finance.  Allegheny’s Bloomberg terminals teach students to access and analyze real-time data on every market, discover breaking news, perform in-depth research and take advantage of sophisticated communications tools. Students can take Introduction to Bloomberg Terminals to gain mastery in the uses and applications for the terminals.

Students who enroll in the class can take advantage of the Bloomberg Trading Challenge.  The Bloomberg Trading Challenge is an investment type competition among student teams from the world’s top business universities and programs in finance. In the main stage of the competition, each team has a $1 million nominal amount to invest across any number of securities.

Allegheny students may also earn certification by completing The Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) online skills assessment, a course that provides an interactive introduction to the financial markets. The BMC consists of 3 sections — Core Concepts (includes four modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities), Getting Started on the Terminal and Portfolio Management.

Students who have taken advantage of this class had this to say about their experience:

Christian Geer '20

“The opportunity to learn and use the Bloomberg terminals has proven to be extremely helpful for both my undergraduate thesis, as well as for landing a job. The Bloomberg terminals allowed me to easily obtain data that would have been extremely difficult, or impossible, to gather by myself. Additionally, my prior experience with Bloomberg helped distinguish myself from other candidates and was eventually a major reason that I got my job as a Research Analyst at Pitcairn.” Christian Geer ‘20

Trevor Day '20“I took on the Bloomberg Trading Challenge because it was something that interested me, but I’ve really begun to see the value of it as potential employers keep asking me questions about the trading challenge, the strategies I used, and Bloomberg Market Concepts. In the current job market, it is an ace up my sleeve that is distinguishing me as a job candidate.” Trevor Day ‘20

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